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Moving Elderly People in Berkshire – We’re Here for Anyone Who Needs Compassionate Assistance When Relocating

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
Moving Elderly  People in Berkshire – We’re Here for Anyone Who Needs Compassionate Assistance When Relocating

Throughout our lives, we live in different types of houses and apartments that reflect the requirements we have at that time.However, there are also times where moving might be less of choice than a necessity. And if you’re planning a relocation for an elderly relative or friend, you may have a lot of furniture and items that aren’t as easy to pack up and prepare for collection. That’s why you should book with a reliable removals company like Camp Hopson.

At Camp Hopson, we understand that any relocation for a senior needs additional planning. Not only that, but the move itself requires a professional level of courtesy that elderly people deserve. We not only respect our elders, but it’s also our job to make sure that their relocation is stress-free. That’s why Camp Hopson has a removals service that is specially designed for elderly people.

Compassionate Elderly Removals Service in Berkshire –

Moving is always a collaborative effort, none more so than the one made between customer and removals company. That’s why it’s vital to book with a reliable company like Camp Hopson. Every job we take on is done to the highest standard. And part of that level of excellence is providing extra assistance for specific moves.

The Camp Hopson team dedicate more time for any removals jobwhen it involves an elderly customer. We understand that there may be some organisational and packing issues before the day of the move. That’s why we plan everything in detail to avoid any delays. Our friendly and attentive team will visit to help organise and pack everything. Not only that, we’ll create an inventory list for when we unpack at the new location.

One problem with some removals companies is the lack of communication. This can be especially stressful for elderly people, even if someone else is organising their relocation. You can contact us whenever you need to – we are here to help this transition. Our staff are friendly and courteous and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Importance of Using Reliable Companies in Berkshire –

At Camp Hopson, we always undertake each job with the aim of attaining complete customer satisfaction. We never have to worry about feedback from our customers, because we work hard to do everything correctly. However, a lot of companies who offer similar services don’t share our drive or dedication to customer service. Unfortunately, this is all too evident when it comes to elderly customers.

It’s not just rogue traders that prey on vulnerable or elderly people. Some companies will take advantage of offering unnecessary services that cost more money. Or they won’t do additional services, like dropping items at the tip or charity shops, without increasing the final bill. And often these increases were not part of the original quote.

You should also to try and phone and email the companies you’re considering using. If they don’t answer their phone or reply to your email within twenty-four hours during the week, it’s not a promising sign. And if they do respond, ask if they do no obligation quote and no hidden fees. A reputable company will have no problem with agreeing to this.

And one final piece of advice is to make sure that any company you’re working with agrees to only contact you. Some of our previous customers have told us that the removals company contacted their elderly relative without consulting them. This can cause unnecessary confusion, and it’s highly unprofessional. The Camp Hopson team will always avoid causing any undue stress to your elderly relative.

Camp Hopson – We’re Berkshire’s Favourite Removals Company –

Camp Hopson has been working in Berkshire for over one hundred years. And in that time, we have had to pleasure of helping many elderly people move with no issues. We believe in respecting our elders, and our team are always professional and friendly.

Our company putt itself in their customer’s shoes to make sure we understand the different needs of each person. This not only helps us deliver the best possible service but can improve our removals and storage packages. We can use each job we do as experience for the next one. And it’s also why we have a loyal group of customers who use us again for future moves.

The Camp Hopson team have elderly family and friends, and we would want nothing short of the highest quality of servicefor them. We turn up on time and complete when we say we will. Every aspect of our service is transparent, and our team are always happy to attend to any questions or issues.

At Camp Hopson, we believe that showing compassion and going the extra mile is all part of the standard service. It’s something we want to do for our customers. If you’re planning a relocation for an elderly family member or friend, please contact ustoday. You’re in safe hands with Camp Hopson.