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Camp Hopson – Berkshire Removals Experts

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
Camp Hopson – Berkshire Removals Experts

If you’re relocating to Berkshire or your moving within the county, it’s worth getting your money’s worth when booking a removals company.It might not be the obvious thing to consider, but every industry has its fair share of reliable companies and ones who aren’t. And it’s easier now than ever to find removals companies that can offer both value and excellent customer service.

You might be booking your first removals service, and you’re not sure where to begin. Finding a reliable company may sound tricky, but it’s relatively easy by looking online. The general rule of thumb is that if you can’t find a business online, it’s unlikely they’ll be reliable. The Berkshire Removals experts are Camp Hopson. We relocate thousands of people in Berkshire every month, and customer service is crucial to us.

Why Using a Reliable Removals Company is Essential –

The first suggestion we advise is to go online, and Google is your best friend for this task. Finding a reliable and reputable removals company is relatively straightforward, but you’ll need to dedicate some time to it. You can also phone and email companies to gauge how quickly and thoroughly they respond. A friendly and helpful response is what you’re looking for.

Reliable companies gain and increase their reputation with positive testimonials and customer feedback. That’s where Google Live and other online rating services are essential. You can see what rating out of five a company receives, plus written comments from previous customers. Although it’s possible to manipulate this, if a company has numerous reviews it’s likely most are from actual customers.

Our next suggestion is only to use companies who have a lot of five-starreviews. You should possibly avoid companies with less than an overall rating of four stars. Remember – you deserve to get an affordable removals service that also attains a high standard.

A Range of Removals Services in Berkshire –

Camp Hopson has a range of removals packagesfor you to choose from for your upcoming relocation. It’s our mission to match your requirements with the correct removals service. We do this by discussing and assessing every part of your relocation. This includes what furniture and appliances you’re moving with and the distance to your new location.

Camp Hopson’s Man & Vanservice is ideal for smaller loads, moving within the same town or city or shorter distances. The smaller vehicles are also better at handling rural roads and avoiding unforeseen traffic issues. We can quickly change our route during transit.

For larger loads, we will advise that you go with our Home Removalsservice which includes the use of a bigger vehicle. It’s possible to do everything in one trip and works well over longer distances, such as national and European relocations.

And if you find that there are any gaps in your moving dates, we offer various storage options. Storage is also an excellent way to safeguard your belongings from theft or damage. Many people continue to use us for storageafter they complete their relocation.

Camp Hopson – We’re Berkshire’s Removals Experts –

Camp Hopsonis Berkshire’s removal experts, and we relocate hundreds of people every week. We cover the whole of Berkshire and the surrounding areas, in addition to London and nationwide relocations.

Customer service is vital to us, and we always get repeat customers. Additionally, we often get new customers from referrals from happy clients. It’s one of the joys of our job when we hear that someone was that pleased with the work that they suggested us to other people.

Camp Hopson’s ethos is to work jointly with our customers to ensure they can help them get the service they require. Our team will guide you through the planning stagesof your next relocation, and we guarantee that your possessions will be safe in transit.

The simple reality is that you don’t have to settle for second-best, and this extends to any service you book. By using Camp Hopson, you will receive the highest level of customer service at the best rates on the market.

When planning your move, choose Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage provider. Contact ustoday to discuss our removals service.