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Camp Hopson – The Experts in Removals Between London and Berkshire

Posted on July 9, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
Camp Hopson – The Experts in Removals Between London and Berkshire

Finding a reliable local removals company for any type of relocation is never as simple as it sounds or should be. And for people moving out of Newbury or Berkshire to another city like London, it’s tricky to know what sort of service you’ll receive. That’s why it’s crucial that you find the right removals provider if you’re moving to London this year.

Fortunately, Berkshire residents can rely on Camp Hopson to deliver the highest standard of removals service for their upcoming move. We’ve been doing this for over one hundred years now, and our team knows that it’s our dedication to customer service that keeps us going. Camp Hopson has the right removals package to cover everything you need when relocating to London.

A Reliable Removals Service in Berkshire and London –

Relocating to a new town or city is not an easy task to undertake and booking a removals company is lower down the priority scale for a lot of people. We tend to be willing to give a company the benefit of the doubt by not checking up on them before we book. And this is where people get stung by less scrupulous providers who overcharge, turn up late, or damage occurs during transit.

It’s crucial that you use a reliable removals company. Any additional effort you make to search and find one with a strong reputation for customer service will be worth it. After all, your belongings are worth protecting from damage and breakages that can occur from poor service. Finding a reliable and reputable removals company isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to dedicate some time to it.

Removals and storage companies can increase their reputation with positive testimonials and customer feedback. That’s where Google Live and other rating services like Trustpilot play an essential role. You can see what rating out of five a company receives, plus feedback from previous customers. Similarly, it works the other way, and poor service providers are more likely to have lower scores.

You should only use companies who have a lot of five-star reviews. Also, you should possibly avoid companies with less than an overall rating of four stars. We’re not saying this to be mean to our competitors, but you also should never settle for unsatisfactory service. That’s why booking with Camp Hopson is a step in the right direction because we’re a five-star removals company.

Using Storage for Gaps in Moving Dates –

Storage is the ideal way to keep your possessions safe, especially if you have valuable items that would be difficult to replace. And due to the nature of moving to a new house or apartment, there is always the possibility of delays. This doesn’t mean you should panic if your moving-in date is subject to changes. Camp Hopson has an excellent range of storage options to help tide you over.

By renting a self storage unit, you’ll have regular access to your possessions, and you’ll be able to create an inventory as you pack them up for storage. And each box of belongings in storage is one less thing getting in the way at home. Many of our removal’s customers found it easier to prepare their home before they left by using storage.

And most important – you’ll get the best rates for removals and storage with Camp Hopson, in addition to excellent customer service. You won’t be held to a lengthy contract for storage – it’s up to you how long you store with us. We don’t have any set period for storage rental, and we always try to be as flexible as possible. So, if you decide to take a smaller unit now and find you need a larger one later, no problem. We’ll be able to upgrade you straight away.

Camp Hopson – Setting the Standard for Removals in Berkshire –

When you book your relocation with Camp Hopson, our team will guide you through the planning stages of your next relocation. Not only that, we guarantee that your possessions will be safe in transit. Customer service is paramount to us, and we always get repeat customers. Additionally, we often receive referrals from happy clients who recommend us to their family, friends or colleagues.

Camp Hopson has a range of removals and storage packages that most of our competitors in Berkshire struggle to match. Furthermore, many people from larger cities like London, prefer booking with us because our rates are affordable. Although the prices for storage and removals are low, that doesn’t mean our level of service suffers.

The Camp Hopson team does not compromise our high standard of customer service. We believe that it’s possible to have the best of both situations – an excellent service that offers value for money. When you book your next move with Camp Hopson, you’ll be in the expert hands of one of Berkshire’s oldest companies still in operation.

If you’re planning a relocation from Berkshire to London, contact us today. We have a range of removal and storage services that will match your requirements.