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Cleaning house before a move

Posted on September 16, 2016 by Peter Donaldson
Cleaning house before a move

It’s almost as inevitable as death, rain and taxes – if you’re about to move house, then at some point you could well be responsible for doing a deep-clean of your old property. This can be the case whether you’re leaving a rented home or selling an owned one. It’s a thoughtful and considerate thing to do for the people who’ll be moving in after you’ve left and, in the case of rental properties, if you don’t do it, you could compromise the return of your damage deposit. If you’ve been renting, you may well find that your contract stipulates the degree of cleaning that’s expected before you vacate. This is often along the lines of ‘leave it as you found it’ so, in the event that it was a poorly-cleaned tip when you moved in, you won’t have to do much at all. But it’s more likely that it was handed over to you in spotless condition and it is now up to you to restore it to the same state. We suggest going in the order of kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting room, hallways/landings/corridors.

  • Why not start with the kitchen, wiping everything down, cleaning cupboards, and blitzing any appliances that are going to be left behind? Then it’s time to turn to the floors, sweeping and mopping all over and then leaving to dry.
  • In the bedroom(s), do a good dusting of furniture that’s staying put, dust the ceilings, vacuum the floor (not forgetting beneath the beds).
  • Bathrooms – take out all mats, rugs, towels, toiletries and products, use hot water on the shower, tiles, tub and use a dedicated tile-cleaner if necessary. Mirrors, sinks, toilets, shower racks must be sparkling, and taps should be left shiny. Leave a window open so that you’re not left hoarse from breathing in cleaning products
  • In the sitting room/drawing room/living room/lounge, dust furniture (or use the furniture fitting on your vacuum cleaner). Remove furniture temporarily from the room so that you can clean better. Ceilings, walls, fireplaces need special attention so that