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How to Create a Moving House Task List Before Relocating in Berkshire

Posted on November 10, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
How to Create a Moving House Task List Before Relocating in Berkshire

For anyone who’s relocating soon, there is one piece of advice that beats them all – start planning now.There is no such thing as starting to organise your relocation too early, just ask anyone who finds themselves scrambling at the last minute. Even if you don’t have an exact date for your relocation, you can do things like research and costs now. And it’s essential that you create a task list to make sure you stay on course.

One of the first tasks you should put on your list is to contact Camp Hopson to discuss your relocation. We can provide you with a free no obligation quote and can help you decide what sort of removals service you need. Our team can also offer some advice on various things you should log on your task list. There is no time like the present – an early start will help you deal with any small issues as they arise, and you’ll avoid a stressful move.

Creating a Moving Task List –

When putting a relocation list together, the trick is to work out the date of your move and work backwards to the present day or week. Then you’ll have a set period where you need to undertake each task. For example – you need to book a removals company – that goes in week one. Pack the last things before the big move – final week.

It will help if you use a blank calendar or an online organiser, such as Google Calendar. Then, you can make a bullet point list of every task you can think of. This will be updated as you go, so don’t worry about how accurate it is. You will then cross reference your bullet point list with your calendar and decide what tasks you can match with a suitable week and month.

There will be tasks you need to leave until the last week, like packing the first things you need to use when you arrive. First, save the tasks that need to be completed during your final week. By the time you have finished your list, you will see some jobs you can complete this week. And remember to get everyone in the family working on the project.

The Advantages of Starting Early When Moving –

One of the main advantages when you start planning your relocation early is the additional time you create to complete everything. If you are moving in two months and you start organising now, you can easily do two tasks per week and be ready for the move. If you start arranging now, you’ll reduce stress levels and have time to solve any minor issues.

Any obstacles that do crop up can quickly be sorted out by increasing the time you give yourself. One of the lesser known problems that occasionally happens is a delay in the final payment. If the seller doesn’t receive their money as agreed, it could be they delay the key handover until the fee is paid. If you make sure the final payment is made two weeks before the move, your move in will be easy.

Now that you’re on board with the ethos of starting early, you have an excellent window to reduce the number of items you’re relocating with. It’s a fresh start, so you don’t want to move with things you no longer use. You can also put in some extra time to research and visit your new location.

Camp Hopson – Newbury and Berkshire’s Favourite Removals Company –

Camp Hopson works with thousands of people in Newbury and Berkshire every month. And each person we move has different requirements that need to be taken into account. We believe that customer serviceis the key to lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why so many returns to use us for future moves and other services.

We have a range of removals services that cater for all types of domestic and business customers. And if any issues arise, such as gaps in moving dates, we have storage options to ensure your possessions are safe and secure. These instances are rare, but it’s always a good idea to book with a removals company that’s ready for all eventualities.

Camp Hopson serves the whole of Berkshire and the surrounding counties, which includes regular trips to London and other major cities in Southern England. Creating a moving list will give you plenty of time and reduce stress, making it possible for you to do small tasks every week. Before you know it – you’ll be packing the last of your boxes the day before the big move.

Contact ustoday – make us the first action point you can tick off your list. You’ll be in the safest set of hands in Newbury and Berkshire.