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Efficient and Affordable Office Relocations in Berkshire

Posted on May 10, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Efficient and Affordable Office Relocations in Berkshire

There’s something to understand for any business owner who’s planning or considering a whole office relocation in Berkshire. While there’s a truism regarding paying more and getting a better service, it doesn’t mean you should expect less when trying to get value for money. This is something anyone who’s relocating needs to factor in when searching for a removals provider for office relocations.

At Camp Hopson, we aim to cover both aspects – affordability and excellent customer service. It’s possible to have the best of both without having to compromise quality because of cash. We believe this is all possible because of our assessment process. It helps us deliver efficient and affordable removals and storage services for companies of all sizes.

Commercial & Office Removals – Berkshire & Nationwide –

Relocating an entire company is an intricate process with many things to consider and plan in detail. It’s not a simple undertaking and will require lots of organisation and patience. Even local moves still take a lot of preparation and need coordination. But like all things, the bigger the job, the more complicated it gets.

That’s why it’s crucial you choose a removals company that can deliver on their promises. A strong reputation for excellent customer service goes a long way to achieving this. It’s more than turning up on time and hoping things go well. You’ll need to have full confidence everything is taken into account before you sign up.

Camp Hopson has a track record for local and national office relocations, often overseeing large-scale moves. We can take on any job, no matter how big or small, and you’ll enjoy the best customer care. If you have specific requirements, we’ll accommodate them as best we can. You can rely on us to provide you with a successful office or commercial move.

Tips on Preparation and Starting Early –

The best advice is to start planning today, and we impart it to every customer we work with. It could be taking notes and brainstorming if you’re in the early stages, but it’s a good idea to get the ball rolling and be ready to press ahead. Seeking quotes and pricing everything is an essential part of moving, so remember to get into productive habits straight away.

Camp Hopson apples the ethos of providing value above all else, and we always produce a free quote with no obligation to purchase. This will give you the financial info, and we’ll suggest the best course of action. You can then consult with your team and delegate tasks wherever possible. Ultimately, it all adds up to relocations without any issues.

While we can accept last-minute jobs, it’s better to give everyone more time to cover all bases. We’ll be here to assist at every stage, including planning and related tasks. This will include a suggestion for the most suitable package and vehicles to add on. All with an aim for the most efficient and cost-effective service possible.

Man & Van for Small-to-Medium Businesses –

When we plan a relocation, it all depends on two things: the overall volume of items and what they are. A small business will usually have fewer things to relocate unless they have a lot of materials, stock, or equipment. The first removal package we’ll discuss and suggest is our Man & Van service. We use Luton vans to perform these moves as their the most efficient.

These vehicles can still pack a lot in and also have several additional advantages. For densely populated areas, they’re easier to park and navigate around. This leads to fewer issues with blocking other cars or parking obstructions. Furthermore, it’s simple to pack everything and unload it at both locations.

You’ll get two removals experts to perform the relocation for each man with a van job. We charge by the hour for this place, which reduces your costs, instead of a flat day rate. Every vehicle is kitted with the latest removal tools and packing materials, including specialist hoists, and lifting equipment. You won’t find a more affordable and efficient removals service.

Full Office Removals for Large Companies –

When it’s necessary, we have the apparatus available to scale up when dealing with larger companies. That’s because we expect more employees, desks, electronic equipment and everything else. This intuitively means bigger removal vans to get everything done in one journey. Similarly, we’ll assign more team members for the hands-on tasks.

However, as you’ll know after reading this blog, there are always exceptions to this loose rule. Smaller businesses might have large furniture or specific products that require more space in the moving van. We’ll advise larger vehicles for these circumstances, even for SMEs with fewer employees. The company’s size isn’t always the determining factor, which is why every detail matters.

Camp Hopson has a fleet of removal vehicles at our disposal. They come in various sizes, ready to take on any office or commercial relocation. We’ll factor in more moving experts per job for larger needs. And we’ll detail everything in a free quote before any party commits with a signature. Assessment is the determining factor, and it’s why we place much emphasis on the preparation stages. If this is done thoroughly, everything else will fall into place.

Self Storage for Additional Protection –

There’s a statement all experienced movers understand – no two moves are the same. And this applies even when the client has the same number of employees and other matching similarities. It’s very easy to make a mistake by assuming this, which this why we avoid this mindset at all costs. For us, we know one slight variation can change everything. Something as seemingly minor as a parking restriction for certain vehicles is a good example of a detail that will require a strategic rethink.

Using a one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t work, and we base every job on its own merits. That’s because paying attention to small details pays off in the long run. We achieve successful relocations through preparation and a thorough assessment process. Delays and downtime are the last things anyone wants, so we put in much planning to avoid them.

There are times where moves happen in stages rather than in one large task. This can be for various reasons, but we have a solution to ensure your products, tools, and other items are secure. Storage is an ideal way to create space as you pack, and everything is safe and secure until they’re ready for transport. We’ll create an inventory and can assist and advise the insurance liability side of things.

A Move Manager for Complicated Relocations –

Every Camp Hopson job undergoes a rigorous assessment exercise before we suggest a suitable removal package. We do this to make sure we provide the correct service for everyone we work with. But it’s also to evaluate how complex a move will be. There are times when an additional level of oversight is necessary.

That’s why we have the option of assigning a Move Manager to specific office removals. When things have many moving parts, it’s essential to manage things from a project management level. When we work with larger corporations, we will utilise this higher strategic capability. We can collect and deliver relocations of any size by doing this.

We’ll begin to form a plan of action for your office or commercial relocation from the first contact. This includes things like specialist equipment and IT provisions. If there’s white-glove level service, we’ll make sure this happens. Nothing is left to chance, and we’ll highlight any unique or specialist requirements.

Camp Hopson – The One-Stop Solutions for Businesses in Berkshire –

Camp Hopson works with hundreds of business clients every month from all over Berkshire. We have office and commercial removal and storage options for every business sector. Our team knows that we can provide a high level of service and offer the most competitive rates on the market. This makes us the ideal company to relocate your business, regardless of whether it’s a local or national move.

Everyone at Camp Hopson is here to work towards an efficient and cost-effective relocation that not only meets but goes beyond our customers’ expectations. The need to get things in order at the planning stage is crucial for a successful move. When we get this part right, there’s a solid foundation to build on.

For anyone who’s planning an entire office or commercial relocation this year, please contact us today. We have a range of business services and the necessary features to get the job done.