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Finding the Perfect Property in Newbury & Surrounding Areas

Posted on January 11, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
Finding the Perfect Property in Newbury & Surrounding Areas

It’s time for a change. You’ve made your mind up, the decision is final, and your next house or apartment will be in a different town or city. One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is, what is the perfect property for your next relocation? There are many different types of property to choose from, and the choice will have various factors. It helps a lot to have a solid idea of what you want and need from your new home before viewing.

Newbury and the surrounding areas are excellent places to live, and it’s essential to find the right type of property for your big move. At Camp Hopson, we understand how difficult it can be to relocate. We form close relationships with our customers, and we always use their feedback when we create our removals and storage packages. With a combination of their experiences of relocating and our own, we’ve compiled some tips on how to find the perfect property for your next move.

Create a Comprehensive Wish List – 

Mapping out your property search will give you a good foundation to start from. The more planning you put in before you start, the more time you’ll save. It will also help you filter your search so you can find the right area to move to. You’ll also increase your chances of finding the perfect house, apartment, or cottage. It will help if you discuss your plans with an estate agent to get some assistance with filtering out unsuitable properties and arranging viewings.

Your wish list needs to be a combination of passion and pragmatism. Things like budget are indeed important, but this is your home, and you need to follow your heart as much as your head on this. If you want four bedrooms, try and aim for that amount, regardless of your budget. You will inevitably have to make some tough decisions, but you can do this once you have plenty of research and visit the areas you like the most.

When you embark on the viewing part of the move, you can evaluate how realistic your wish list is. Now you can start editing and whittling down your list appropriately when you have the correct information. Plus, there are other options if your budget isn’t meeting your wants or needs. Property auctions might be a viable way of getting a larger house or flat, but it will mean a lot of additional work to factor into your plans.

Ask the Right Questions When Viewing – 

If you’re at the stage where you’re viewing properties, it’s time to be more pragmatic. It’s easy to get swept away when you see houses, especially if you’ve already fallen in love with the area. Before attending your first viewing, put together some questions to ask each seller. By doing this, you’ll avoid any nasty surprises later, such as a defective structural issue.

Remember to ask the seller or the estate agent about inspections and any major works on the property. Please read up on the different types of inspections now, so you’re familiar with them. If the assessment is a general one, there might be many issues the report doesn’t cover. It’s also crucial to try and find out why the seller is moving. If they have terrible neighbours, then you must know now, although you’ll have to persuade them to tell you about this tactfully.

Find out what similar properties sell for in the area to check if they’re over or under-pricing it. Don’t limit your questions – this is a significant investment, and you’re entitled to ask anything about the property, including specifics about the building, its structure, and the area. It’s also worth chatting about the location and any amenities nearby.

Housing Schemes to Assist New Homeowners –

For anyone who’s trying to become a homeowner for the first time, it’s worth looking at your options to see if you utilise a housing scheme. You’ll need to read up and check on any changes to regulations or availability. Fortunately, many new developments do the hard work for you and state what available schemes for their properties.

We’re listing some examples for you to looking into, which includes First HomesHelp to BuyHelp to Build, Shared Ownership, and Right to Buy schemes. It’s worth noting that you’ll have limited choices when enacting one of these programs. As we mentioned, the property developers advertise which ones they offer from the outset. But you’ll need to work out if there are any potential issues with their terms and conditions for the future. 

You could also look at another option that people often consider when they want to save money. Berkshire’s housing auctions are an excellent way to acquire a house or flat well below the typical market price. Property development offers the chance to buy a building that needs renovation. You’ll have to be willing to project manage the whole restoration, in addition to whatever your full-time job is.

The best course of action is to do your research, contact a mortgage advisor or your bank’s home loan manager. It’s vital that you know what your budget range is and if there are any other ways to improve your credit rating. Furthermore, start searching for developments that have links with housing schemes.

Stay on Track with a Moving Checklist –

When you find the ideal property in Newbury or Berkshire, you’ll have to start preparing for the move. It’s easy to lose track of things during the relocation and then find yourself forgetting to complete duties as a result. There are many things to do and often within a limited timeframe to complete everything. Let’s not forget meeting work deadlines and your busy family schedule. You have an unenviable juggling act, and someone can rarely concentrate on arranging a move with any distractions.

The only way to focus is to know where you are concerning the day of the big move. That’s why a moving checklist is crucial and setting daily and weekly targets will put you in a strong position. You can record every task for your upcoming move and split the larger ones into smaller chunks. And then cross them off as you make progress.

It’s a good idea to use in conjunction with a blank calendar, whether that’s a printed one or an app. This makes it possible to plot out each week until your moving day and assign three tasks. You’ll then know exactly how long you have until your moving day, giving yourself a timeline to refer to when you need to double-check any outstanding tasks.

Choosing the Most Suitable Removal Service – 

Camp Hopson has a broad range of removals and storage packages that apply to many different scenarios as possible. We know that having more choices helps people find the correct service for their needs. To make sure this is possible, we have removal’s vans in various sizes, making it possible to perform every type of removals service.

We have a popular Man & Van service that is cost-effective and efficient if you’re moving from a smaller property. Due to their size, they’re very adept at parking with restrictions for loading and limited access points. Furthermore, it’s far easier to navigate on more rural roads or quickly change routes for sudden congestion issues.

For larger properties or if you have bulkier furniture, we have a range of medium or larger vehicles at our disposal. Rather than making multiple trips, we can get all your belongings into one of our Home Removals vans for a single journey. Matching your needs with the right removals package includes the correct van size. That’s because it increases our efficiency and may also save you money.

The Camp Hopson team works on the understanding that preparation will push you closer to a successful move. We don’t take chances and hope that things will be fine. This makes it possible for us to plan and execute your next relocation with ease. The primary goal is to provide you with the most efficient and affordable removals service for your requirements.

Why Good Customer Service Matters – 

There are a few things to be mindful of when looking for a suitable removals company. Firstly, it’s a good idea to get at least three quotes and try and avoid jumping at the chance of a bargain. The old saying is true – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That means you should be cautious when it comes to booking a moving company if their pricing is very low.

Our second consideration is to weigh up each potential removal’s provider by their online ratings. Reliable companies gain and increase their reputation with positive testimonials and customer feedback. That’s where Google Reviews and Trustpilot play a crucial role for consumers. You can see what rating out of five a company receives, plus feedback from previous customers. It’s also a good idea to phone and email companies to gauge how quickly and thoroughly they respond.

The third and final point to consider is another option when deciding who to trust for your relocation. The key thing to look for online is whether they make their online reviews and ratings visible on their website. Most reputable providers have a Quality Policy in place to give customers an additional level of customer service. If you’re still unsure, phone or email the company and gauge how friendly and attentive they are.

Camp Hopson – We’re Here to Help You Relocate – 

At Camp Hopson, we’ve moved lots of people into Newbury, often from larger cities like London. We have a close relationship with our customers, and we often ask what their reasons for relocating are. A better quality of life is important, and Newbury and the surrounding areas offer lots of green spaces and beautiful homes.

The Camp Hopson team has the necessary tools and equipment to undertake any removals or storage job. It’s essential to book your relocation with a reputable company, and we’re confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our work.

Camp Hopson’s ethos is to work closely with our customers to ensure they get the service they require. Even if you’re at the beginning stage of planning, we’re more than happy to offer advice on Newbury and relocating.

If you’re looking for an affordable removals service in Newbury and the surrounding areas, click here, and we’ll put together a free quote. We can also arrange a call-back to discuss our range of services.