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Start off the New Year with the Top Fitness Apps

Posted on January 10, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
Start off the New Year with the Top Fitness Apps

Now that the Christmas and New Year holidays are over, you may have a list of resolutions for 2018. For many of us, the festive period was a time to relax and possibly relax our routine. The gym was probably the quietest place in Newbury; now it’s full of people trimming those mince pies and festive drinks.

If getting fit and losing some pounds is one of your new year resolutions, then it’s a good idea to download some apps. There are literally hundreds of cheap or free fitness apps on App Store or Google Play. To help you find the best ones, the Camp Hopson team have put together some tips on our favourites.

Top Five Fitness Apps for 2018 –

Fitocracy – this is an inclusive app for everyone. You can create your tailor-made workouts that match your health-level and ability. Fitocracy offers a network of other users that gives it a social element so that you can contact other users. It’s a simple concept – you set a minimum goal which you build on in manageable targets. You may even want to go with the personal trainer feature as you complete your goals.

Couch to 5K – this app is exactly what it suggests, you’ll go from being a couch potato through various steps. The aim is to get you to run your first 5-K, and this app will help you move gradually and safely towards the fitness levels needed for a 5-K. It’s the perfect way for beginners and those of us who are exercise shy to motivate and get you of the couch.

Myfitnesspal – this is our pick for a nutritional app. Myfitnesspal helps you count calories, so you can make decisions on your daily intake. Its database has over three-million types of food, and it provides a barcode scanner to get the relevant nutritional information. This app will help give you an accurate figure of what you consume, which will help you plan out healthier meals.

Yogawakeup – are you looking for something to help with those aches and pains? Although bending your body into odd shapes sounds odd, but yoga helps to tone core muscles and loosen knots. If you couple an app like Yogawakeup with Couch to 5K, you’ll find it easier to keep up your running while you take care of your core muscles. Yogawakeup is an app that will pipe in the calming sounds of meditation as you wake up. It will gently invite you to the new day with some simple yoga positions, giving you the best start possible.

Strava Cycling – some people don’t like the gym or running, which makes cycling an excellent alternative. With so many cycling paths, it’s now a lot safer for people to cycle and avoids using main roads. Strava cycling uses a GPS tracking system to measure your distance, speed and it can also measure any inclines. If you’re the competitive type, you can even race other users for times on the same route. This app is also handy for planning the best routes.

Other Tips for Keeping a Fitness Routine –

Creating a routine is vital, keeping to it is difficult. That’s why fitness apps are a great way to track your progress and to set goals you can attain. That’s why it’s essential that you create smaller, more manageable goals to build and improve on. Even a brisk walk counts, and most fitness apps have a pedometer to count every step.

Try and journal as you go to see if you notice any trends or issues. If you notice that you exercise better in the morning, try to wake up a little early to fit a quick session in. Some people like to exercise after work, as this is when they have more time. Exercise not only helps with fitness levels, but it also aids sleep and encourages healthier eating habits.

Don’t lose hope – a lousy exercise day is just that, there is no need for it to hamper your progress. Get a friend or family member in on the deal to help keep the motivation going.

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