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Planning A Move This Year? Use Camp Hopson’s Home Removals Service

Posted on April 25, 2024 by Peter Donaldson
Planning A Move This Year? Use Camp Hopson’s Home Removals Service

Whatever the size or nature of your upcoming move, entrusting it to Camp Hopson will ensure you get high-quality service at excellent rates. We’ve stayed up and running during the national lockdowns, helping people move to, from and within Berkshire, including many people who’ve reconsidered their attachments to city life and decided that towns, villages, and the countryside are preferable.

Camp Hopson is based in Newbury and has an illustrious history stretching over a century. This gives us the experience and expertise you can only acquire through time. This blog will provide our best industry insider tips for planning a relocation in Berkshire.


  1. The Secret to Stress-Free Relocations
  2. Cost-Effective Man & Van Removals
  3. Home Removals in Berkshire and Beyond
  4. High-Quality Business Relocations
  5. Holistic Storage in Newbury and Berkshire
  6. Proven Track Record for Excellent Customer Service

The Secret to Stress-Free Relocations

For some, the beginning of the year is just a point in time like any other. But for others, it’s a moment for taking stock and making changes – few changes are as significant as those governing where and how we live. Many will be considering a relocation this year, some possibly feeling overwhelmed by how challenging it will be.

Early planning and thorough preparation are the best ways to ensure a successful move. Time is either your ally or your advisor when relocating. If you use it wisely, you can give yourself enough of it. Squander it, and you’ll scramble to finish in the final week, hoping to avoid major setbacks.

So, what’s the solution? You can remedy most of your issues by booking with Camp Hopson. Our removal team will look after you and ensure your move minimises stress and worry. Your move will be planned thoroughly, which is how we set out and execute all our moving services. By the end of this blog, you’ll understand why Newbury residents know us as an “all under one roof” removal and storage company.

Cost-Effective Man & Van Removals

Our Small Moves man and van service perfectly suits people moving to and from flats and studios. Each man with a van service charges by the hour, making it the lightest removal package on your wallet or purse. We also offer the same small move service for offices and businesses.

Every man and van package comes with two of our expert movers with decades of experience. We give them the best removal equipment, including industry-grade pulleys and tools, to get any moving job done. Also, due to the smaller vehicles, there are rarely issues with parking and accessing sites by van.

Camp Hopson Small Moves can relocate you to/from anywhere in the country or overseas. It’s a streamlined service that uses smaller vehicles and teams, is shaped to your precise requirements, and offers good-value rates.

Home Removals in Berkshire and Beyond

Increasing the size of the moving vans is often more efficient for larger properties with more items. We recommend our Large Removals package for houses with three bedrooms or more. Our team utilise bigger vans with more loading capacity, making it possible to do the whole move in one journey.

From the moment you contact us, we’ll start assessing your move’s requirements and devising a plan that fits your life and gives you the move you want without upending your world. We listen, offer advice, and support you from one end of your move to the other so that it always feels manageable.

All our moves come with an optional full packing/unpacking service. The assessment team will discuss the best times for our packers to prepare your belongings. If you want to pack, we sell durable, high-quality materials to help you get started. We’ll give you some time-served pointers for packing. You can also read our previous blog on packing here and part two here.

High-Quality Business Relocations

We’re old hands and wise heads when it comes to business removals in Berkshire. Due to the complex nature of business removal and storage, we have processes in place to maintain high-quality standards. We’ll provide you with an office removal consultant to project-manage the whole thing, giving you a single point of contact and eliminating the risk of crossed wires or misunderstandings.

We have the experts in place to handle complicated undertakings such as IT migration, ensuring your business is up and running with no unnecessary downtime. Our packing service can be used in conjunction with your office move, or alternatively, we can supply you with all the crates, boxes and labels you’ll need to do the job in-house.

If your company has unique requirements for white glove handling or ultra-sensitive equipment, we’ll liaise with our partners in the Master Removers Group. Nothing deters us from helping our business clients receive the exact service needed.

Holistic Storage in Newbury and Berkshire

Camp Hopson’s perfect rating on Google isn’t just because of the reliability and efficiency of our house moves. It’s also down to our clean, safe, secure storage facility in Berkshire. We cover every eventuality and storage need, including:

  • Domestic and commercial storage.
  • Archives/document storage.
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Large, loose items storage.

When you want access to your stored items, containers can usually be retrieved within 48 hours of your request. For more in-depth information on our insurance and what can and can’t be stored, refer to our terms and conditions.

We take security seriously and have robust measures to eliminate theft or damage. Our depot has 24-hour CCTV coverage throughout the branch, and only vehicles enter or leave the facility with our knowledge. Additionally, every unit has climate control to ensure your belongings or work equipment remains in pristine condition.

Proven Track Record for Excellent Customer Service

Through years of operating in Newbury and Berkshire, we have always encouraged customer feedback on our services. We constantly review them, ensuring we spot opportunities for change and growth. The team takes this seriously and is open to criticism. One way we stay on top of our commitment to excellent customer service is to listen to what you tell us and then adapt accordingly.

If you’re on the fence about which removal and storage provider to use, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Always seek two or three separate quotes.
  2. Never accept a quote that’s not free or requires an obligation to book.
  3. Don’t allow any provider to hassle or pressure you into a booking.
  4. Check their Google ratings – aim for a 4.5 average and above.
  5. Read some reviews to see what service you can expect to receive.
  6. Phone and/or email to gauge the professionalism of their response.
  7. Ask for accreditation and a quality policy.

Our 100-year history might be completely different if we had decided to reach a plateau and not bother improving. Instead, we’ve never stopped looking for ways to be better, more reliable, courteous, and helpful. That sets us apart from other moving companies in Berkshire—we’re always looking to improve.

Camp Hopson – Berkshire’s Best Removal Company

While we don’t want to come across as boasting (too much), we confidently refer to ourselves as Newbury and Berkshire’s best removal company. It’s not an empty boast – it’s what the evidence tells us. We’re outperforming other moving companies and intend to keep doing so. Our storage and domestic and overseas removal services are the best in the county.

We don’t cut corners because we know every piece matters. That’s why we perform a thorough assessment involving an onsite visit and evaluation for more complicated jobs. For us, it’s a matter of careful preparation to ensure we achieve the best results every time.

Click here to begin a free, no-obligation quote, and we’ll provide details on the most suitable removal and storage package.