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How to make packing feel easy – Part 1

Posted on September 27, 2023 by Peter Donaldson
How to make packing feel easy – Part 1

Packing doesn’t have to be the dreaded ordeal it’s often perceived to be. While a full-service removal company like Camp Hopson can handle every packing aspect with expertise, we also understand that some prefer to go it alone. Our skilled packers manage delicate China plates to grand pianos, and we’re here to offer practical advice to make your packing experience smoother. In this guide, we’ll share expert tips to lighten the load and minimise stress, making the process more manageable.

At Camp Hopson, we can’t promise packing will be a delight, but with our insider knowledge, it doesn’t have to be as taxing or daunting as you might expect. From comprehensively labelling boxes to streamlining your belongings, our tips aim to help you confidently approach packing. So, whether you choose our full packing service or opt for DIY packing, we’re here to ensure your move to Newbury, Berkshire, is as stress-free as possible.


  • Proper Box Labelling for Easy Unpacking
  • Decluttering: A Key to Easier Moves
  • Preparing Appliances for a Move
  • Efficient Clothes Packing Hacks
  • Tech Wire and Cable Organisation
  • Managing Hardware and Small Parts
  • Additional Resources from Camp Hopson
  • Choose Camp Hopson for a Stress-Free Move in Berkshire

Proper Box Labelling for Easy Unpacking

When it comes to labelling boxes for your move, keep it straightforward yet informative. Use clear labels on all sides of the box, not just the top. Doing this helps when deciding which moving boxes belong in the new house.

Here’s the trick: Be descriptive. Include room names and item details. Instead of a vague “kitchen stuff” label, go for “Kitchen – Plates and Glasses.” It might seem meticulous, but settling into your new place pays off quickly.

These labels are like your handy roadmap for a smoother move. They make unpacking a breeze, prevent confusion during unloading, and help you stay organised. So, grab that marker, start labelling, and simplify your move – it’s as easy as that!

Decluttering: A Key to Easier Moves

Let’s dive into decluttering – Decluttering is the best way to make everything more manageable. Here’s the tip – be practical. Look at your things and ask, “Do I really need this?” If not, consider donating or selling it. This eases your move and brings simplicity to your new home.

Think of decluttering to streamline your move. Less stuff means less packing, less lifting, and less unpacking. It’s a practical win-win. Plus, starting fresh in your new place with only what you need is the best way to start life in your new home. So, get started, declutter, and see how it transforms your move into a more manageable adventure.

Preparing Appliances for a Move

Are you getting your appliances ready for the big move? Some prep work goes a long way to ensure they arrive at your new place in top shape. We’re talking about your trusty washing machine, the fridge that’s been your food guardian, the freezer stocked with goodies, and even your dishwasher – they all need some TLC before the journey. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of preparing your appliances for a seamless move.

Image source – Wikihow

Preparing your washing machine:

  1. Disconnect the power and water supply.
  2. Drain any remaining water from the machine.
  3. Secure the drum to prevent it from moving during transit.

Image source – Wikihow

Preparing your fridge:

  1. Empty and clean the interior.
  2. Defrost the freezer compartment.
  3. Secure any removable shelves or drawers.
  4. Leave the doors slightly ajar to prevent mould.

Image source – Wikihow

Preparing your freezer:

  1. Remove all contents.
  2. Defrost the freezer and clean it thoroughly.
  3. Tape the door shut and secure any shelves or drawers.

Preparing your dishwashing machine:

  1. Empty and clean the interior.
  2. Disconnect the water and power supply.
  3. Secure the dishwasher door with tape or a strap.

Preparing other machines:

  • For other appliances, such as ovens or microwaves, clean and disconnect them from power and gas supplies if applicable.
  • Remove any loose or fragile parts and pack them separately.
  • Consider consulting the user manual for specific instructions on moving these appliances safely.

Efficient Clothes Packing Hacks

Now, let’s dive into a clever trick for packing your clothes without all the hassle. Have you ever considered leaving them on the hangers? It’s a real time-saver.

Here’s how:

  • Take some bin liners, those sturdy plastic bags.
  • Slip them over several hangers, maybe five or more, and tie them up at the top, leaving those handles sticking out.
  • The best part? No folding or sorting is needed.

Why is this method handy? Your clothes stay wrinkle-free, and you shave off precious packing time. Plus, hanging them up is a breeze when you reach your new place. There is no wardrobe chaos, just easy organisation. So, go on, give this clothing-packing hack a try, and see how it simplifies your move.

And hey, we’ve got more tips to make your move smoother. Stay tuned for more insider knowledge.

Tech Wire and Cable Organisation

Let’s dive into managing those tech wires and cables, shall we? It might seem like a tangled web, but we have some handy tricks to untangle it. First off, the goal is to keep things neat and tangle-free. Nobody wants a cable mess when it’s time to set up in your new place, right?

Here’s the scoop: roll up those cables and give them labels. Here’s a nifty one – grab those empty cardboard rolls from toilet paper (loo rolls, if you will). Roll the cable, slide it inside the roll, and jot down which device it belongs to on the outside. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, tape that rolls right onto the device. It’s like giving each cable its ID – no mix-ups or fuss.

Now, your tech clutter is a thing of the past. It’s the little tricks that make moving straightforward.

Managing Hardware and Small Parts

Let’s discuss managing hardware and those tiny parts that often get overlooked. It might seem minor, but it’s a big deal. First, we’re dealing with screws, nuts, and bolts – small yet crucial. Handle them carefully; you don’t want these little guys to vanish during your relocation. 

Here’s the game plan: get some see-through bags, the kind where you can see what’s inside. Place those screws, nuts, and bolts and seal it up. Next, tape that bag to the item it belongs to – straightforward, right? This way, nothing goes missing, and when it’s time to reassemble furniture or appliances, you have all your pieces in one place.

The key is staying organised and ensuring everything goes smoothly during the move. These small parts are like your moving puzzle pieces; having them within reach is essential. Keep an eye out for more tips to make your relocation smooth.

Additional Resources from Camp Hopson

Let’s remember the handy resources Camp Hopson has to offer.

Moving checklist: First, we have a comprehensive moving list that’s your sidekick for staying organised throughout your move. It’s like a roadmap, guiding you through every step so you can take advantage of every step.

Packing tips: Looking for packing wisdom? Well, you’re in luck. Camp Hopson’s a treasure trove of expert packing tips to make your packing process smoother. Trust me; it’s like having a packing pro by your side.

Storage when moving: Camp Hopson has storage solutions if you need a safe space for your belongings. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, we’ve got you covered. Your stuff deserves a cosy home while you settle into your new place.

So, consider these resources your moving companions. They’re here to make your move to Newbury, Berkshire, as smooth as possible.

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