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Moving to or from Berkshire from anywhere in the UK with Camp Hopson

Posted on January 24, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
Moving to or from Berkshire from anywhere in the UK with Camp Hopson

For anyone who has gone through the process of relocating a few times, you’ll already know that it can be tricky. No matter how many items you have to move with, there is plenty of planning to make sure everything runs smoothly. This could not be truer for people who are undertaking a national move where the scale of the relocation is far more significant. That’s why it pays off to use a reliable removals company with a reputation for being able to handle complex or long-distance moves.

All too often, removals companies promise the world but deliver a poor service instead. Fortunately for our customers, Camp Hopson is part of the Master Removers Group which firmly commits itself to customer service. Our dedicated National Removals service can move you and your family anywhere in the UK and Europe. The Master Removers network of elite partner companies makes it possible for us to keep our prices low and our standards high.

Finding the Right Removals Company for your UK Relocation –

The first suggestion we advise is to go online by using Google to do some research. Finding a reliable and reputable removals company is relatively straightforward, but you’ll need to dedicate some time to it. Reliable companies gain and increase their reputation with positive testimonials and customer feedback.

That’s where Google Live and other online rating services are essential. You can see what rating out of five a company receives, plus written comments from previous customers. It’s a good idea to only work with companies who have a lot of five-star reviews. You should possibly avoid companies with less than an overall rating of four stars.

Camp Hopson is Newbury’s favouritedomestic and business removals provider. Due to our local reputation and high standard of customer service, we are also a member of the Master Removers Group. This elite network of removals, storage and logistics companies are in central locations throughout the UK.

Becoming a Master Removers Group member is done by invite only. Each member company must have a proven track record of excellent service delivery and customer satisfaction. This is what makes this network of removals providers different from other companies. Excellence is the standard for all Master Removers Group members companies.

Moving Checklist – Start Planning Your Move Now –

Even though much of the packing is done closer to time, you can start making it easier by getting rid of clutter. The first task you can do now is to thoroughly clean your house and reduce the number of things you’re taking to your new home. This will make packing up simpler and can also reduce the costs of your relocation.

Work out the date of relocation and work backwards to the present day. Then, you can split tasks into months then weeks leading up to move. Ideally, you should aim to do at least two or three tasks every week. By doing this, you will get a surprising amount of the work done now. This will reduce any anxiety you may have over your relocation.

Remember to get the whole family in on the act, even if they’re reluctant. Moving home is not an easy undertaking, but if everyone helps it will be less stressful. By booking with Camp Hopson, you’ll also have our team to assist with planning before you move. We can also create an inventory of your possessions.

Camp Hopson – Newbury and Berkshire’s Favourite Removals Company –

Camp Hopson works with thousands of people in Newbury and Berkshire every month. And each person we relocate has different requirements that we assess in detail. We believe that customer service is the key to lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why so many returns to use us for future moves and other services.

We have a range of removals services that cater for all types of domestic and business customers. And if there are any gaps in moving dates, we have storage options to ensure your possessions are safe and secure. While this doesn’t happen much, it’s always worth having some backup options should the need arise.

Camp Hopson serves the whole of Berkshire and the surrounding counties, which includes regular trips throughout the UK and to every major city in Europe. Creating a moving list will give you plenty of time and reduce stress, making it possible for you to do small tasks every week. Before you know it – you’ll be packing the last of your boxes the day before the big move.

To discuss your upcoming relocation or to get a quote, contact us today. You’ll be booking with Newbury and Berkshire’s number one company for national removals.