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Moving from London to Berkshire with Camp Hopson

Posted on March 8, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Moving from London to Berkshire with Camp Hopson

It’s no secret – thousands of people are moving out of London or are thinking of doing so in the near future. Many are searching for a better quality of life in a bigger property and lots of outdoor space. It’s no secret that it’s possible to get all this for lower prices than most London properties. This has been a consequence of the lockdown where the city’s properties lack of outside areas couldn’t be more apparent.

Berkshire is one of the benefactors from this shift in emphasis, from cosmopolitan to suburban properties. Hundreds of people are moving into cities and towns all over the county, with Newbury is a particular favourite due to its market town appeal. And Camp Hopson can relocate you from London to anywhere in Berkshire.

A Reliable London to Berkshire Relocation –

If you’re one of the many who are looking at a possible move out of London, you’ll have to put Berkshire on your scouting list. You’ll find larger towns and cities, all the way down to market towns and quaint villages. And because we know the area well, you’ll receive the additional advantage of a reliable relocation and some insider knowledge.

Camp Hopson has a range of removals services that make it possible to meet anyone’s requirements. We can collect you from anywhere in London and the neighbouring counties. Our most sought-after removals packages are Man & Van and Home Removals services. We’ll assess your situation in detail and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

For us, it’s all about providing a high standard of customer service and offering a variety of removals options. A successful relocation starts by booking your removals service with a reputable provider. By working with us, you’ll receive value for money and excellent service delivery. We’ll help you with any planning, in addition to fielding any questions about Berkshire.

Is It Possible to Commute between Newbury and London?

When we discuss potential relocations with people making initial inquiries, one of the topics we go over is commuting. People might be looking past London for their housing needs, but many still need a direct travel connection for work reasons. Typically, you’ll only spend between forty-five and sixty minutes for a one-way trip to or from London.

While it might take time for you and your family to adjust from the bustle of London, you won’t have to worry about finding another job. You can have a four or five-bed detached house with a garden and keep working in the capital. Once you start to calculate the financial benefits, you might wonder why it took you until now to make the change.

Berkshire offers a lot of greener spaces, lower levels of pollution, and lots of variety of places to live. There are excellent schools, healthcare facilities, and local amenities. You can choose somewhere, like Reading and Basingstoke if you need city life. But Newbury is a firm favourite, primarily because of its business links and its scenic charm.

What’s the Average House Price in Berkshire?

Now we’ll look at some of the financial data that people often ask about before they consider moving. The general average property price in Berkshire is £455,061, and £703,095 specifically for detached houses. For Central London, the average home is £1,676,430. There will be a large range of prices throughout Greater London, and less detached properties available to compare. But it’s striking that a detached property in Berkshire is over ½ the price of the average Central London property.

Berkshire is close enough to London to make it a viable daily commute for people who need to keep working in the capital. The most expensive train season ticket is £6,616, but there are various cheaper options. According to Numbeo, a family of four’s cost of living (not including rent or mortgage) in Reading is £2,511 per month. Compare that with £2,988 in London for the same data range, and there’s a difference of £477.

Just by looking at three sets of cost data, it’s easy to see the financial benefits of relocating to Berkshire. The transport links throughout the county are excellent, with further improvements being made regularly. Moreover, this could be specifically important for renters who can’t get their foot on London’s property ladder. Why not move a bit further away and finally become a homeowner?

Why Are People Drawn to Relocating to Newbury and Berkshire?

As we reside and run our business from Newbury, we’ll award our town the focus of this section. If you usually associate market towns with a slightly dull atmosphere, you’re in for a surprise. With the headquarters of communications giant Vodacom, Micro Focus, National Instruments and Advanced Media calling Newbury home, this town has a lot going on.

Newbury has some of the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment in Berkshire. Whether you’re looking for a fine-dining experience or a rustic English meal, you’ll find the highest quality food here. Add in some culture with the local theatre and art scene, in addition to wonderful family days out; you’ll never struggle to find something to do in Newbury. There is something for everyone in this unique market town.

By looking at the positive aspects of Newbury, in addition to the financial incentives, it’s a winning combination. You’ll be able to afford a decent sized property with a front and back garden, all well below London’s prices. It’s straightforward to commute to and from the capital, with the manageable journey time allowing you to read your emails and prepare for the day ahead.

Can I Store My Belongings if a Delay Happens?

Storage is the ideal way to keep your possessions safe, especially if you have valuable items that would be difficult to replace. Due to the nature of moving to a new home, there is always the possibility of delays. This doesn’t mean you should panic if your moving-in date changes. Camp Hopson has an excellent range of storage options to help you keep your items safe and secure.

By renting a self storage unit, you’ll have regular access to your belongings during business hours. And by working with Camp Hopson, we’ll assist with any packing and creating an inventory. Every box in storage is one less thing getting in the way at home. Many of our removal’s customers find it easier to prepare their home before they left by using storage.

Another bonus is you’ll get the best rates for removals and storage with Camp Hopson, in addition to excellent customer service. You won’t sign any lengthy contracts for storage – it’s up to you how long you store with us. We don’t have any set period for storage rental, and we always try to be as flexible as possible.

How Do I Know I’ll Receive a Good Service?

If this is your first relocation, you might be wondering this very question. Fortunately, there’s a way of researching any removals and storage company before you book with them. It does require some extra work on your side of things, but you’ll thank yourself when you have a successful relocation. And the best part is, all the information is at your fingertips.

Companies improve their reputation with positive reviews from customer feedback. That’s where Google Reviews and Trustpilot play a vital role. You can see what rating out of five a company receives, plus feedback from previous customers. It’s also a good idea to phone and email companies to gauge how quickly and thoroughly they respond.

That’s why booking with Camp Hopson is a step in the right direction because we’re a five-star removals company. We apply our Quality Policy to every service we offer, which gives our customers a higher level of service delivery. It all adds up to an unbeatable level of service for your upcoming relocation from London to Berkshire.

Camp Hopson – Making it Easy to Relocate to Berkshire from London –

Camp Hopson has been relocating people in Newbury and Berkshire since we began operating in 1861. We have established ourselves as the favourite removals and storage company here by providing a service we would expect as a customer. Our ethos is to work closely with our customers to ensure we can help them get the service they require.

The Camp Hopson team will guide you through the planning stages of your big move from London, and we guarantee that your possessions will be safe during transit. When you book your next move with us, you’ll be in the expert hands of one of Berkshire’s oldest companies still in operation. We take a great sense of pride that we’re still serving residents here over one hundred years later.

If you’re looking for a fresh start by moving away from London, please contact us today, and you’ll soon understand why we’re Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite movers and storers.