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Moving Home In Summer

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Peter Donaldson
Moving Home In Summer

It’s not only the bright, cheerful evenings, blazing hot spells spent in the park, lying with friends on picnic blankets, and jubilant weekend afternoons at swimming pools or outdoor cafes that make summer such a pleasant season. It actually seems to make almost everything feel easier and included in that is the usually gruelling task of moving house. Because of this, it’s also the peak season for moving, so it’s important to be on the ball with matters such as booking your first choice of removals company; they get booked up faster than at other times of year. Looking at the advantages of a summer move, the most significant ones are:

  • More houses come on to the market in summer, which means more options for you, the buyer (or renter). Finding the home that most aligns with your dreams is now a distinct possibility.
  • Yes, even taking into account the mercurial nature of the British summer, it’s better than at other times of the year, with a more reliable temperature. No snow, no icy pavements, no sub-zero temperatures. Of course, rain is always a possibility, but still, summer will always be milder than the other seasons. The light evenings give you much more flexibility as to how you schedule your move and also lift the mood at a time when such a boost is most needed.
  • If your move takes place over a summer holiday, then – when it’s time for you children to begin the term at their new schools – it will be a much less wrenching experience than if it had interrupted the school year.


But are there reasons for NOT moving in the summer? Yes. Among them are:

  • It’s more expensive – some removals companies will be charging peak rates because demand is higher. Summer is not the time for bargains and discounts when it comes to moving.
  • Removals companies. Because, as previously noted, the summer schedules of the best moving companies get taken months in advance, there’s a greater risk of ending up in the hands of lesser firms.
  • You may not get the dates you want because so many people move at this time of year.