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Moving to Berkshire – Time for a Fresh Start

Posted on June 16, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Moving to Berkshire – Time for a Fresh Start

Now that the lockdown is moving to the next phase, lots of people will be looking forward to returning to normal life. Some will be thinking of a fresh start by relocating, which might have already been in the planning stages. Moving to a new home might be the perfect way to create some positive experiences for you and your family.

Camp Hopson has been adjusting our approach to removals throughout the lockdown, and we can undertake any type of relocation. We’re now ready to increase our operations to help people start their next chapter in Newbury and Berkshire.

Approaching a Relocation by Being Proactive –

Moving to a new house or apartment is not easy, which is worth pointing out from the go. It takes a lot of planning and preparation, often before you submit your first offer. That means you’ll need to accept there will be lots of research for you to complete. And if you’re prone to putting things off, you should try and break this bad habit by starting today.

Using a reliable removals company with a strong reputation will put you in the strongest position. But how do you do this? Well, since you’re reading this, you’re already on the right track. Camp Hopson is the best removals and storage provider in Newbury and Berkshire. We make a point of helping our customers navigate the trickier aspects of their relocation, so you’ll have a lot of support.

Now that the lockdown is loosening restrictions, it should be easier to travel so that you can consider scouting locations soon. Just remember to check up on the latest changes to regulations first. The best way of determining what an area is like to live in can only be done by visitation. This is a huge decision, and you’ll need to know what it’s like to spend time there.

In this blog, we’ll look into the various stages of choosing a removals service and how the move will happen. Additionally, we’ll provide you with tips on organisation, creating a moving checklist and an inventory of your possessions. We’ll do everything possible to make sure that your relocation is successful.

Moving Checklist – How to Create One –

Let’s start with the key component that will help you maintain focus, even with things are getting a bit chaotic. You need to create or use a moving checklist, and there are lots of ones online you can download or use as a guide when making your own. Let’s face it; you won’t get a break from work or family life to organise your move. You’ll need to have something that helps you work out exactly what you need to do every week until the big day.

So, what is a moving checklist? Essentially, it’s a comprehensive list of every task you need to complete. You then make a timeline which makes it possible to stay on track. The idea is to work backwards from the moving date to calculate weeks until your relocation. An example would be you confirm your moving date on week eight, then book the removals company at week seven, and so on.

Your list of tasks should cover every aspect of your move and don’t leave anything out because you think it’s not essential. You can decide this as you cross tasks off after completion. It’s a good idea to break tasks into smaller action points to make it easier to chip away at more daunting ones. By creating a thorough moving checklist, you’ll find it much easier to see how much progress you’re making.

We suggest contacting the Camp Hopson team to discuss your requirements as your first task. By booking your relocation with us, we’ll be able to take some of the hard work from you. We’ll assist with organising and planning and will provide useful advice wherever possible. And our team will be with you at every stage of your relocation.

Using a Home Inventory App to Organise –

Regardless of how many pieces of furniture or appliances you are moving with, it’s crucial that you create an inventory of your possessions. You can do this with a pen and paper, but there are better ways. Home inventory apps are usually free or cheap and are compatible with your Apple or Android phone. Camp Hopson is here to assist you with choosing the right app, in addition to other moving tips.

The Magic Home Inventory app allows you to organise your home inventory across several properties and break down each separate inventory by room, listing each item’s location along with a description and photo.

By using the MyStuff app, you can store lots of information for each item you save in this inventory. Rather than slog through entering the product information, it’s possible to scan its barcode to initiate an entry. The full version has an extensive database for people with lots of pieces of furniture and appliances.

Nest Egg is the perfect choice for individual item data. You can take photos per item, including its barcode, purchase date, expiry date, and return purchase dates for new products. You can create a log for when you loan out items to family or friends, and it’s possible to export your full inventory lists to save or print.

If you want a home inventory app that covers all bases, Sortlyv is for you. This app regularly features on the best app lists and is free for iOS and Android devices. You can create several main folders with multiple subfolders which allows you to save each item per room.

How to Choose the Right Removals Service –

Camp Hopson offers a range of removals that’s broad and caters to as many different scenarios as possible. It’s all part of delivering an unbeatable standard of service delivery. We have a fleet of removals vehicles of all sizes, which means we have the right one for your next relocation. The more options we can offer our customers, the easier it is to match their requirements.

Our Man & Van service is usually the most cost-effective and efficient package for people with fewer possessions. These vans can handle congestion by taking smaller roads to beat the traffic. And it’s much easier to change the original route to avoid unexpected delays. Additionally, the vehicles are less likely to cause an obstruction, keeping your neighbours happy while we pack and load everything.

For everything above this volume of possessions, we have a range of medium or larger vehicles at our disposal. Rather than making multiple trips, we can get all your belongings into one of our Home Removals vans for a single journey. Matching your needs with the right removals package includes the correct van size. That’s because it increases our efficiency and may also save you money.

The Camp Hopson team works on the understanding that preparation is the key to success. We don’t take chances and hope that things will be fine. This makes it possible for us to plan and execute your next relocation with ease. The primary goal for us is to provide you with the most efficient and affordable removals service for your requirements.

Helping the Kids Cope with Moving –

Relocating is never easy, but for children, they will inevitably feel more anxious and upset about your move. They might be moving away from their best friends to somewhere unfamiliar. And this will be especially difficult if this is their first relocation. That’s why it’s vital that you do three things – involve them in the packing, visit your new location and commit to remaining in contact with their current friends.

You should visit your new town or city at least two or three times before the relocation. Get them to help you note important information and have them record video footage and photos. It will also help if you can include plenty of fun activities. Find out if their interests or hobbies are available in the area or close by. Not only will you get the first-hand experience of where you’re moving, but the kids might also be able to make some new friends before you arrive.

It will help if you allow them to spend as much time as possible with their friends. Then, set up some way for them all to keep in contact. This will help bridge the transition until they meet new friends. If you’re struggling for time, you can consider having a leaving party to get everyone together for a proper farewell. This won’t solve everything, but it will show that you care about how they feel.

Solving Gaps in Moving Dates with Storage –

Storage is the ideal way to keep your possessions safe, especially if you have valuable items that would be difficult to replace. Due to the nature of moving to a new house or apartment, there is always the possibility of delays. This doesn’t mean you should panic if your moving-in date changes. Camp Hopson has an excellent range of storage options to help you keep your items safe and secure.

By renting a self storage unit, you’ll have regular access to your belongings, and you’ll be able to create an inventory as you pack them up for storage. And each box in storage is one less thing getting in the way at home. Many of our removal’s customers find it easier to prepare their home before they left by using storage.

And most important – you’ll get the best rates for removals and storage with Camp Hopson, in addition to excellent customer service. You won’t sign any lengthy contracts for storage – it’s up to you how long you store with us. We don’t have any set period for storage rental, and we always try to be as flexible as possible.

Camp Hopson – Newbury and Berkshire’s Favourite Movers and Storers –

Camp Hopson has been relocating people in Berkshire and the neighbouring counties since we began life in 1861. We have established ourselves as Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage company by providing a service we would expect as a customer. Our company’s ethos is to work closely with our customers to ensure we can help them get the service they require.

The Camp Hopson team will guide you through the planning stages of your next relocation, and we guarantee that your possessions will be safe in transit. When you book your next move with us, you’ll be in the expert hands of one of Berkshire’s oldest companies still in operation. We take a great sense of pride that we have been able to work and serve the residents of Newbury and Berkshire for over one hundred years and counting.

If you’re looking for a fresh start by moving to a new home, Camp Hopson has the right removals and storage package to make it a successful relocation. Contact us today, and you’ll soon understand why we’re Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite movers and storers.