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Advantages of New Build Homes in Berkshire

Posted on July 11, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
Advantages of New Build Homes in Berkshire

For some, when it is time to buy, they already have a clear idea of whether a New Build Home is for them or not.  It is a matter of taste, but there are some very practical factors to consider as well.  New Builds are no longer homogenized box homes in soulless estates. Builders and architects are pushing boundaries now in terms of style and finish.  Often you can find beautiful period details incorporated into the aesthetic of their design.  And the long term benefits are really worth considering before you buy.  Here are the advantages in more detail.

Advantages of New Build Properties 

1. They are Brand New – Let’s unpack what this means 

  • No wear and tear 
  • No bodge job maintenance to discover over time
  • No energetic imprint of the previous owner
  • No need to redo the decoration or undo the previous owner’s taste 
  • All fixtures and fittings are also new and have traceable guarantees

2. Creative Input 

Depending on the build and how far it is progressed you may be able to have some input on the design and layout, fixtures, and fittings. If you can choose tiles, flooring, carpets, and cabinets then you will be tailor-making your own home.  This will depend on at what stage you get involved in the purchase. However, if you would rather not have this kind of decision fatigue, the other benefit is, it also be easily taken care of for you. 

3. Peace of Mind 

Having a warranty gives you peace of mind.  The National House Building Council issues warranties to all New Build homes.   This protects you against structural problems, should they arise. It also protects you in the case of the building firm not completing the task.  For instance, if the building firm went out of business and the work was not completed, you would have your deposit returned to you.  Within the warranty is defects insurance, which covers the first two years, and then structural insurance spanning the next ten.  In addition, consider that new build has safety regulations as a priority.  As a result, the design and build will incorporate the latest fire-resistant technology, as well as ventilation and electrical safety.  Consequently, your buildings and contents insurance cost will also come down accordingly. 

4. Spaciousness

Modern style appreciates open plan living, and it is likely in a new build that the ground floor will be created with that in mind.  In a period house, while there may be more headspace from a high ceiling, it is likely to conform more to the concept of principal separate rooms.  Having an open plan space is more versatile to accommodate the changing needs of modern people.  There will be no need to knock through rooms to create the look you want. 

5. Technology and Luxury

In a new build, you are more likely to find underfloor heating and smart technology. Remote controlled heating, lighting, music, and security can all be built into your home.  The wiring and infrastructure for this is going to be incorporated into the new home along with basics like USB charging ports and LED strip lighting. 

6. Energy Efficiency 

Many new builds are being created to reduce your energy bills to a minimum, prioritizing energy efficiency. Incorporating additional solar panels should be straightforward with new build homes.  Exacting standards in terms of heating and ventilation will make your home much more comfortable throughout the changing seasons. For example, higher levels of insulation will ensure lower heating bills, and domestic water usage is limited by dual flush toilets and showers.  Additionally, soundproofing is a bonus with the extra insulation and more modern materials. Make draughts a thing of the past in a new build! 

7. Incentives 

Some developers will throw in incentives like covering your stamp duty or upgrading your fixtures and fittings.  There are various incentives available depending on the company.  You also have the benefit of a chain-free purchase, as well as accessibility to assisted Home buying schemes. 

Heritage home or Clean Slate?

As you can see there are many advantages of the New Build Home. There isn’t so much a case for the disadvantages, as there is a case for a preference for a period home or something with more character.  Let’s look at the reasons to choose an older property. 

Reasons to choose a Period / heritage home

1. Handsome architecture – in the mid/late-19th century, there was a considerable interest in reviving earlier styles, with some influences also coming from the Middle East and Asia. The medieval Gothic style was another inspiration for Victorian architects, and all of it adds up to one of the most characterful periods in the history of the country’s buildings.

2. High ceilings – who doesn’t sigh with relief at the thought of plenty of headspace after they’ve had years of being boxed in by rooms barely over seven ft high? If you are after square footage, you are more likely to find it in a period home. 

3. Fireplaces – standard in many Victorian homes, there’s just nothing like a fireplace for making your living space an absolute haven from the outside world.

4. Sash windows – if you’ve lived with soulless modern windows with plastic frames, a sash window will be like a breath of fresh air. Alas, that might be literal fresh air because they’re not quite as efficient at keeping the elements out, and you could struggle with getting permission if you want double-glazing or any kind of replacement.

5. Attractive details like coving, cornices and ceiling roses. Ceiling roses gained popularity during the Georgian era and maintained it through several subsequent periods, including the Victorian.

6. Larger gardens and grounds.  Plots were more generous back then, and there is something confining to the allotted spaces of the New Build. 

7. Increase in value.  New-build homes are often harder to add value to, as they are usually built for specific types of buyers. With an older property, you may be able to find untapped potential where you can add further value, such as a large kitchen extension or a loft conversion.  There is more creative potential to create a statement home that will increase in value. 

Problems with Period homes 

The main argument within this debate hinges on energy efficiency.  Older buildings are harder to insulate and keep warm and will need renovation work to make them more efficient. As heating costs rise exponentially, this is going to be a major factor to consider.  In general, they will require more upkeep and a committed relationship with ongoing renovations and DIY.  Keeping damp and dry rot at bay and preserving the integrity of the home is going to be key to maintaining its value. However, by having a survey done before you buy you can consider in detail what you are getting into.   Another factor to consider is that these homes are harder to adapt if you need to add mobility aids. Depending on your age and how long you want to live in the property, you may want to bear this in mind. 

Camp Hopson – Master Removers of Newbury

At Camp Hopson, we see both sides of the argument, having helped hundreds of people move over the years in Berkshire.  If you have decided and found your home, we are more than happy to assist you when it’s the big day.  A family business operating in this area since 1854, we pride ourselves on our outstanding service. We have services for Large Removals, Man and Van and Storage, and so can tailor make a plan to suit your specific needs.  Contact us for a free quote, and we will be happy to discuss your removal needs at length.