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Newbury – A Commuter’s Ideal Location to Call Home

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Peter Donaldson
Newbury – A Commuter’s Ideal Location to Call Home

When professionals start to think about leaving the capital in search of larger properties with better value for money than their London homes or apartments, there’s a general list of favourite town and smaller cities that they migrate to. However, the historical market town of Newbury is one that Camp Hopson not only calls its home but that we also think could well be the best-hidden secret to London’s commuters.

In its own right, Newbury is something of a business microcosm, with Vodacom and Micro Focus International both jailing for the town. And with a record level of employment in the town, it’s easy to see how a professional might want to explore what Newbury has to offer. You might manage to find some useful networking routes to link your work from London to Newbury, and with the added advantage of technology, it’s easier than ever to do work remotely.

Newbury is within a feasible commute from London, and at the same time, it’s far enough away to keep house prices at an affordable rate, especially when compared with London’s current residential property prices and rental rates. You will definitely get more value for your pound by buying property in Newbury and its house prices generally stay balanced, so any investment you make in property is less likely to suffer from deflation. And Newbury’s links to the rest of Berkshire and various other bigger cities and the surrounding counties increases its ability to sustain a strong economy.

But don’t take our word for it – visit Newbury to see the town for yourself. It’s always advisable to visit the towns or cities you’re considering for your relocation at least two – three times, and it should be for at least a couple of days when you do. That’s how you’ll get a good feel for the place to see if it’s suitable for you, your family, and it’s also worth taking your interests into account and not just to make it a work related decision. You’ll be spending a lot of your life there so it needs to fit your personality and what you like to do for leisure. Even though the commute and transport links to London are good enough to head back into the city to catch the occasional show in the West End, visit the galleries or go shopping, you won’t always want to commute to the city a lot if you’re already commuting back and forth for work.

After you’ve visited and fallen in love with Newbury and you’ve pieced together a solid plan for your relocation, contact Camp Hopson – Berkshire’s favourite movers.

At Camp Hopson, we’ve assembled a highly trained team of removals experts who will guide you through every stage of your relocation. We’ve relocated thousands of domestic and business customers throughout Berkshire and we’ve handled many customers who’ve decided to head out of London for a better standard of living, so we understand and can assist you with this transition.

We plan out every aspect of your relocation to ensure that we’re as efficient as possible and to help reduce the stress of your move. We’ll discuss the day of the move in detail so that we can work around your schedule and to ensure that we avoid any traffic congestion and roadworks.

We are able to take on any sized removals – no matter how big or small and our range of related services include office removals, including IT migration, secure storage and even overseas removals. We understand the importance of treating every job with the ethos that it is unique and the criteria and requirements for each customer vary.

Camp Hopson’s aim is to work with our customers at every stage of their move to make their experience as stress-free and efficient as possible.

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