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Our Guide to Moving to Berkshire in 2021

Posted on June 14, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Our Guide to Moving to Berkshire in 2021

The UK housing market has been one of the busiest business sectors recently, even during the first lockdown where restrictions were at their highest. Thousands of people are rethinking how they live, with many concluding significant changes are necessary. For some, it’s a new career, starting their own company or working from home on a full-time basis. Others want more from their homes and are looking at moving to enjoy properties with plenty of outside space, as well as more bedrooms.

At Camp Hopson, we suggest Berkshire as a place to consider when you start delving into online research. We move new residents in weekly from places like London and other cities and towns. There’s a wide range of options here, with anything from a quiet village-like Littlewick Green to bustling larger towns like Reading. In this blog, we’ll go through some practical things to consider for anyone who’s planning to relocate this year.

The Steps Needed for a Successful Relocation –

While every relocation is different, some things will always improve the chances of a positive moving experience. The same goes for the reverse and should be avoided. And more to the point can be avoided. We’ll be going through the best practices when moving to a new house or flat in Berkshire. Additionally, we’ll make some points to identify and sidestep.

There isn’t a detailed diagram or blueprint for the perfect relocation, but this is close enough and will put you on course for one. The thing to keep at the front of your mind is to make an early start and continue with good habits. It’s the simplest way of ensuring you complete all your action points on time, hopefully with some deadlines in place. You’ll also benefit from the momentum pushing you forward and ticking some things off your list.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the best way to choose your removals service and some related tips to give yourself the best chance. This includes how and why self storage can make or break a move, especially as a contingency plan. We’ll provide you with various top tips on scouting and viewing properties. Then we’ll wrap up with how to pick your removals provider.

Choosing the Best Removals Service –

The thing to remember about this step is you can solve many issues by booking a removals company with a good reputation. More on this in a later section, but the gist is to have confidence by checking prospective movers’ online ratings. Choosing the best removals service can be tricky, especially if it’s your first move. That’s where your removal company steps in to go through the pros and cons of each package.

There’s one thing to weigh up before booking removal services, and that’s how much you’re moving with. The total volume is known as the load, and this dictates what sort of vehicle is the most suitable. If you’re moving from a five-bed house, you’ll likely need a larger removal van. Similarly, a two-bed apartment probably needs a smaller man and van vehicle.

Camp Hopson has an assessment team to delve into the details before anyone commits to a job. We’ll be able to advise the most suitable option as per your circumstances. Plus, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to take away and consider. And you can feel assurance we’re suggesting the most efficient and cost-effective option.

The Benefits of Using Storage when Moving –

Storage can play a vital role when moving, with several beneficial ways of adding this to your existing removals package. One option is to rent a unit and move every box and container when they’re full. This gives you more space to move around without lugging furniture between rooms. You can organise as you pack without having to work around clutter.

In emergency situations, storage becomes a solution and a stress-saving measure. You’ll have somewhere secure for your possessions without having to ring your family and friends in a panic. Then you can concentrate on correcting any issues causing the delay while your belongings are safe and secure in our storage warehouse.

For people who are downsizing to a more modest house, you can do so without getting rid of your items. Self storage is much cheaper per square metre than property and rent prices. Furthermore, it’s very flexible, and there’s no minimum storage period when you book with us. It’s a ‘store as long as you need to’ arrangement that benefits our customers.

How to Scout Potential Properties in Berkshire –

The first thing we’ll suggest is to factor in online and offline research in equal measure. Google holds the key to looking up property and estate websites, especially for people moving from further afield. You’ll need to vet any potential service providers – including us, but we’re confident we’ll make the cut. But that’s only half of the journey, and there’s a need to go further into things.

Nothing beats first-hand experience when it comes to getting a feel for somewhere. Once you have a list of potential areas, arrange a trip there to visit them in person. We suggest doing so for several days or a week, rather than just a one-nighter. It’s essential to see what the location is like both during day and night. You wouldn’t want to unwittingly move somewhere, which is much louder than you expected.

By doing this, you’ll know if it’s right for you and your family. This is a big commitment, specifically if you’re moving from outside of Berkshire and into an unfamiliar area. See what the town or village has to offer for amenities and things like healthcare. Young families will also need to arrange a meeting with prospective schools, possibly several.

Ready Move-Ins vs Fixer-Up Bargains –

Berkshire has a decent selection of types of properties to choose from, with ones that will meet everyone’s budget. Most will be ready to move in straight away without any need for repairs or updating. This does mean a higher price tag because the expectation is you won’t have to outlay any further investment. For those looking for better value, there’s another option to look into.

Buying a property at auction is where you can bag a bargain, often for as much as fifty percent less than market value. However, the caveat is the work that goes into it means you will have to delay the moving-in day. You’ll have to project manage the whole thing as well, even if you hire a builder. And you need to understand the budget to make sure you don’t go over it.

Regardless of which option you choose, we’re suggesting you enlist the services of an estate agent. You can ask them to produce valuations for the current state and a hypothetical one after any remodelling. They’ll also check any potential properties that have the relevant inspections and surveys. This is crucial to avoid any issues down further down the road.

Book a Reliable Removal and Storage Company –

You can make things easier by working with the right movers and storers. Booking Camp Hopson gives you an advantage that will reduce the chances of a chaotic relocation. We’ll help with planning and organising, including tips and reminders for things like contacting your current service providers. Moreover, your belongings will be handled by experts with decades of experience.

The best way of calculating what sort of service you can expect is to use online review platforms. Google Reviews and Trustpilot gives each service provider a rating out of five, and this is based on previous customers’ testimony. Additionally, there’s an option for written reviews, and we suggest you read them. You don’t have to take a risk – the information is there.

Camp Hopson is a five-star removal and storage company, and we’re Newbury and Berkshire’s number one for both services. We have excellent packages that are flexible and affordable. We have a Quality Policy in place to give our customers the knowledge we’re fully accountable, including BAR affiliation. You’ll be in safe hands when you book with us.

Camp Hopson – Berkshire’s Number One for Removals –

Berkshire has a lot to offer, especially for people escaping larger cities like London searching for a better quality of life. With towns like Reading and Newbury, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to the pace of life and types of property. We might be biased because this is our home, but you’ll enjoy more for your money and close enough to commute when necessary.

Customer service is a priority for us, and it drives every service we offer. It’s all about going above and beyond for everyone we work with. We achieve this by having a mindset that each package we provide is flexible and can adapt whenever the need arises. By booking with us, we’ll give you the best start to your new life in Berkshire.

To discuss our range of services or request a free quotation – click here to contact us today. We have the right removals and storage service to help you relocate to Berkshire.