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Packing Your Jewllery – Part 1

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Peter Donaldson
Packing Your Jewllery – Part 1

It may not be a priority on our moving list, but it’s important to extend some consideration to the matter of packing up your jewellery before a house-move. Because these items tend to be both small and light, it’s easy to disregard them and inadvertently pack them in a way that affords them little protection. But when you consider how potentially valuable some of them are, it makes sense to apply some forethought and care to the matter. Here are just a few of the steps we encourage movers to implement when it comes to jewellery. Jewellery can be tarnished, damaged or even lost during transit (or even before, during the packing period). Let us help you get it from A to B without mishap.

  1. Sort out each individual piece. Jewellery can’t simply be chucked in a box. Before you pack it, give some time to the process of going through it. It could be that you no longer want some of it, and now’s a good chance to work that out. Go through every ornament, laying them all out on a while sheet of paper in a well-lit room. Organise by size and category and weed out stuff that’s of no value or already damaged.
  2. Acquire packing materials. You should aim to get packing paper (soft variety, no newsprint), bubble wrap (which you’ll need for other aspects of your move, anyway), cling-film, jewellery boxes, re-seal bags (zip-lock variety is good for keeping small pieces together), index cards, loo paper rolls, drinking straws, egg cartons, glasses case, packing tape, rubber bands, dosette boxes (pill organisers).
  3. Start packing. For necklaces/bracelets use either drinking straws or soft paper to ensure that the necklace doesn’t tangle during the journey. Then use cling-film to secure. With earrings, use index cards. You may have seen earring secured this way in shops. First, make a couple of holes in the index card with a needle. Then attach a pair of earrings, placing the hooks through the openings in the card. Tape the hooks on to the card to secure and then use bubble wrap to seal the package.
  4. Check back here again soon, when we’ll be explaining how to pack rings and broaches.