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Setting Up Your Tech Start-Up in Newbury

Posted on September 25, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Setting Up Your Tech Start-Up in Newbury

Anyone setting up a tech company will have a fair idea of what the criteria is for where they start their new enterprise. The location needs a mixture of function and networking, a couple of examples being affordable workspaces and an entrepreneurial business environment. A community of similar minds is a must when starting any new venture, in addition to the phrase walk before you can run, regarding your budget.

Newbury has everything going for it and will tick most of the boxes for a tech start-up. This might surprise people who know the area for being a famous market town. You’ll soon find out more about what Newbury has going for it for anyone who’s creating their own company.

Starting a New Business in 2020 –

The question of when the right time is to start a business is something various articles and discussions attempt to answer. Some would say when you’re financially stable and have a solid idea is the best starting point. Maybe it’s more the latter and not always just for those in a comfortable position, especially if your employment choices are limited.

Sometimes it’s more necessity than opportunity, which is where many people find themselves in the grey area of lockdowns. When the chips are down, we have to act. Looking for a job when you’re in a tough financial spot might also be a poor choice for spending valuable time. For those who might be planning ahead, it’s always better to have a decent amount of preparation in place and be ready.

You can start today by going online and researching business blogs and relevant online tutorials to begin formulating a plan. The future is unknown and is currently causing a lot of anxiety. That’s why it’s essential to be mindful of any opportunities as they arise. Be proactive, willing to put in some research hours, network and move towards your new enterprise. When the opportunity presents itself, be ready to act.

At Camp Hopson, Newbury is our hometown, and we’re definitely not short on bias in this regard. We know from plenty of experience, this is an excellent choice for a business. This guide should give you some smart ideas on where and how to begin your new business venture.

The Advantages of Choosing Newbury –

Newbury may not seem like much of a business hub; most people know it as a lovely little market town that attracts a lot of visitors. However, the area is one of the most vibrant business places in Southern England. You couldn’t find a better place for a start-up venture. So, it’s time to start pulling your resources together and making your dreams a reality this year.

There are some surprises ahead for people who automatically think that market towns and business don’t mix. That’s where Newbury comes into its own. With the headquarters of communications giant Vodacom, Micro Focus, National Instruments and Advanced Media calling Newbury home, this town is something of a hidden gem. This level of corporate activity has a positive knock-on effect for small business and the local produce sectors.

Newbury has some of the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment in Berkshire. Whether you’re looking for a fine-dining experience or a rustic English meal, you’ll find the highest quality food here. Add in some culture with the local theatre and art scene, in addition to wonderful family days out; you’ll never struggle to find something to do in Newbury. There is something for everyone in this unique market town.

Another thing that attracts young professionals to Berkshire is the ability to commute back and forth between London. The transport links throughout Berkshire are improving every year, and it’s a short train ride into the capital. From Reading, you can get there in under thirty minutes! If your job still requires you to be in London, then Newbury provides the perfect commute away.

Using Man & Van for Distribution –

To most people, a man with a van and removals is for household or office relocations. This doesn’t mean it has no other purpose; there are different ways of taking something and applying it for another situation. And for companies in Newbury or Berkshire, you can utilise our removal’s services for local collections and deliveries.

Camp Hopson’s Man & Van service can solve any issues with distribution to your customers. Additionally, a man with a van service is ideal for collecting any large orders of supplies or materials. It won’t take us long to evaluate and take over your logistics and distribution, with a general lead time of twenty-four or forty-eight hours. We’ll discuss everything in detail to ensure our team understands the exact nature of your business and goods.

This also means it’s possible to delegate any collection and delivery tasks to us to keep your staff doing their main duties. And for start-up companies, it might also save the expense of buying or leasing a vehicle. Every man & van job we undertake comes with the use of two of our team to do all the heavy-lifting work and packing duties.

All we need from your side is the details of the items and any specific instructions when collecting and delivering back to you. Our rates are the lowest on the market, and this is coupled with a high standard of customer service. Communication is vital to this process, which is why we make it easy to keep in contact with our team whenever you need to.

Streamline Your Distribution with Self Storage –

A self storage unit can act as your stockroom, making it possible to send orders directly to your customers. Furthermore, you can divide your storage container into sections to perform different functions. An example would be to put a desk and computer at one side to create an affordable office space to do your admin work, then use the remaining area for stock and equipment.

The Camp Hopson team encourages feedback from our customers to ensure we’re providing a valuable service. One of the most common reasons our business customers give us for using storage is the lack of available space. So, even if you don’t plan on moving to another rental property, we can help you improve your current office by creating more room. A storage unit of 100-sq-ft holds the volume of a two-bed apartment’s worth of contents.

If you’re thinking of working with Camp Hopson for the distribution side of your start-up, we will be able to undertake the order fulfilment, stock management and inbound collections. This will happen from your storage unit, where we can coordinate every delivery or collection. You’ll be able to streamline these processes without having to add extra work for yourself.

Alternative Workspace Options with Self Storage –

Many new small business owners have been rethinking what a workspace is. Typically, it’s a room that has access to electricity and the internet, as well as storage space for products and equipment. And it might also help to have somewhere to load and unpack goods from a vehicle quickly. You can achieve this by renting a self storage unit to use as an alternative workspace.

All you need is a desk, an office chair, a filing cabinet, a computer and router and you’re good to go. You can split the storage unit into two parts – one for your goods and the other for your make-shift office. You get the advantage of having a man with a van service on-site to undertake all your collections and deliveries.

Camp Hopson’s reception staff can accept packages on your behalf and keep them in a secure place until you return to your unit. The comparison in costs between commercial rental property in Berkshire and a storage unit with Camp Hopson can save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds every month. That’s a significant saving, and you can get everything you need from a storage unit.

Partner with a Reputable Removals Company –

Camp Hopson has hundreds of business customers as regular clients, and we pride ourselves on our range of services. We have excellent storage options which can be your base of operations. Renting a self storage unit is far cheaper than Newbury’s commercial rental prices. You’d also be able to avoid lengthy and binding rental contracts that come with commercial spaces.

Not only would you have an affordable workspace, but you would also have a range of other services to compliment your tech start-up company. Camp Hopson has the best man with & van service in Newbury, and you’d be able to utilise this service for any deliveries. The link between your products and a means of distribution would be under the same roof.

The Camp Hopson team knows that we can provide a high level of service, as well as offering the most competitive removals and storage rates in the market. This makes us the ideal company to partner with for any start-up tech company or similar enterprise.

Camp Hopson – Newbury and Berkshire’s Start-Up Champions –

Camp Hopson works with hundreds of new business owners every year. We understand small business and how crucial the first year is for any company. We strive to help people realise their business ambitions by providing a range of affordable removals and storage packages.

Customer service is vital to us, and we always go above and beyond for every person and company who use us. Additionally, we often get new business customers from referrals from happy clients. It’s one of the joys of our job when we hear that someone was that pleased with the work that they suggested us to other people.

The Camp Hopson team are here to help you find the right business package for your needs. Please contact us today to discuss possible services to suit your company’s requirements in Newbury or the surrounding areas.