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Small Business Focus – 2017’s Looking Good for SMEs in Newbury

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Peter Donaldson
Small Business Focus – 2017’s Looking Good for SMEs in Newbury

What do people look for when they want to relocate? Many factors make a new city or town attractive. Some of them include a decent amount of schools to choose from, access to healthcare and local amenities. It helps if the area has excellent transport links and house prices also play a role. One of the lesser discussed positive aspects when relocating is the local economy and business opportunities.

Newbury is a great place to live, but it’s also has a thriving SME (small to medium business) economy that continues to perform well. In addition, Newbury has become a popular place for people relocating from larger cities, including London. Furthermore, this influx of business talent coupled with a forward-thinking approach of investment has created a stable and thriving local economy.

Positive Enterprise Networks in Newbury – 

Newbury is home to one of the UK’s largest mobile network operators Vodacom. In addition to other large companies, Newbury is known as a major commercial and retail centre of West Berkshire. As is often the case, when well established and successful companies operate in an area, this has a knock-on effect for SMEs. The stronger the localised economy, the more investment opportunities are available.

If you own your own company or you’re busy planning a start-up, then it’s a good idea to research potential networking opportunities. Here are some of Camp Hopson’s suggestions that could help you get the ball rolling – 

Eventbrite – Eventbrite is an excellent web resource linking business owners and entrepreneurs to relevant events. You can search by location and by subject. There is an upcoming event in Newbury on the 7th of September specifically for SMEs.

Newbury Today – this is a local website that offers insights into every aspect of life in Newbury. For business, click on the ‘Newbury Business Today’ tab. It’s an excellent business resource for Newbury’s business community.

Business Biscotti Networking – it’s essential to network, and Biscotti can link you to events in Berkshire and other parts of the south of England. If you use Eventbrite and Biscotti, you’re on the right path for networking.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce – if in doubt, contact your closest Chamber of Commerce. Every COC offers valuable information for any sized business. Newbury doesn’t have a specific branch, but Thames Valley covers the whole of West Berkshire, so you’re in good hands.

Tips on Starting an SME – 

Camp Hopson works with a lot of business owners in Newbury and Berkshire. We share our experiences with our customers, and we like to form close relationships with them. This helps us shape the removals and storage packages we offer, as well as advising our current customers of packages that could help their business.

If we had one tip for any SME, it would be to keep a lean budget. Cash flow plays a vital role in any successful business. If a lot of your budget goes on overheads, your company’s growth will be limited.

For a product-based company, one good way to lower costs is to limit your work spaces to the essentials. If you need an office, make sure you only rent what you need. Instead of renting a medium to a large sized commercial building, take a small commercial office space. To save money, you can store your products at Camp Hopson’s facilities and use us as your offsite storage room. You could even rent another storage unit to use as an alternative office.

Camp Hopson – We Support New Business Enterprises in Newbury – 

Camp Hopson is an active member of the Newbury business community. Hundreds of business clients use our facilities for their removals and storage needs. We cultivate close working relationships with each company and business owner so that we can advise them on new services.

At Camp Hopson, we understand that every new business has the potential to improve Newbury and Berkshire. That’s why we offer the best rates on the market for our services. Our aim is to provide a service that meets and exceeds expectations. Like any business, we want our customers to return to use us and to refer our company to their family and friends. Word of mouth is an essential part of any thriving business, and that can only be achieved by results.

If you have any questions about our business packages, please contact us today.