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Starting a Small Business in Berkshire and How We Can Help

Posted on September 17, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
Starting a Small Business in Berkshire and How We Can Help

Starting your own small business is a mixture of excitement and possibly uneasiness because it’s breaking new ground. It’s a case of fear of failure and success, as they’re both different sides of the same coin for anyone new to it. Despite this, starting and running your own enterprise can be a very rewarding experience, and you’ll be the boss.

The Camp Hopson team are big fans of people who venture out into the small business world, and we’re on hand to provide any assistance we can. We work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and SMEs every year in Berkshire and throughout the South of England. Camp Hopson’s removals and storage services have transferrable functions that will help any new small business.

How to Start a Company in Berkshire –

Before you make that big step from your current job into running your own small business, there is plenty of preparation work. You’ll need to plan at least one year ahead of your ideal starting date to make sure you’re ready. And it’s essential that you start saving money as soon as possible, so work out what percentage of your wages you can afford to put aside. Additionally, speak to your bank’s business advisor to see what loans and business accounts are available.

The option of applying for a business loan is one you’ll need to consider, especially if your company will need equipment and materials. Your credit score will determine whether or not you’ll be successful, but make sure you do this properly. The free credit score ads on TV misrepresent what your official credit rating is and are actually a platform to promote high-interest loans, which you need to avoid signing up for.

Look online and see if any business consultants specialise in small business near you. It’s worth spending money to do this, and most will offer to discuss your plan free before you sign up with them. From these meetings, you’ll put together some costed figures, and a business plan will form. This document will be an essential tool when applying for loans and financing.

There is one final area you should put some thought into now, and that’s your living expenses. You need to be realistic because being unable to pay bills won’t help your business. Furthermore, you’ll need to improve your skills now in areas like IT, website maintenance, marketing and social media. That’s because you’ll be doing it all yourself for the first year or so. Ultimately, the more preparation work you do will determine how successful you are.

Self Storage and Alternative Workspaces –

Many new small business owners have been rethinking what constitutes a workspace. Typically, it’s a room that has access to electricity and the internet, as well as storage space for products and equipment. And it might also help to have somewhere to load and unload goods from a vehicle quickly. You can achieve this by renting a self storage unit and use it as an alternative workspace.

All you need is a desk, an office chair, a filing cabinet, a computer and router and you’re good to go. You can split the storage unit into two parts – one for your goods and the other for your make-shift office. You get the advantage of having a man with a van service onsite to undertake all your collections and deliveries.

Camp Hopson’s staff can accept packages on your behalf and keep them in a secure place until you return to your unit. The comparison in costs between a commercial rental in Berkshire and a storage unit with Camp Hopson can save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds every month. That’s a significant saving, and you can get everything you need from a storage unit.

Camp Hopson – Berkshire’s Number One for Small Business –

Camp Hopson works with hundreds of business clients every month from all over Berkshire. We have storage options available to suit just about every business sector.  And we guarantee that renting a self storage unit is far cheaper than commercial rental prices. You’d also be able to avoid twelve to twenty-four-month rental leases by using storage instead.

Not only would you have an affordable workspace, but you would also have a range of other services to compliment your small business. Camp Hopson has the best Man & Van service in Newbury, and you’d be able to utilise this service for your deliveries. The link between your products and a means of distribution would be under the same roof.

The Camp Hopson team knows that we can provide a high level of service, as well as offering the most competitive removals and storage rates on the market. This makes us the ideal company to partner with for any small business in Berkshire.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly discuss our range of services and how they can help you prepare to launch your very own small business in Berkshire.