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Starting Your Own Business in Newbury and How our Man & Van Service Can Help

Posted on September 5, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
Starting Your Own Business in Newbury and How our Man & Van Service Can Help

Starting your own company or business venture is an exciting and challenge that more and more people are rising to every year.The benefits of being the boss are that you can create your own work schedule and set the agenda. No more micromanagement, pointless meetings and snippy memos. The future looks bright, and you’re shaping your career path.

Newbury may not seem like much of a business hub, most people know it as a pleasant market town that attracts a lot of new residents. However, Newbury is one of the most vibrant business areas in Berkshire. You couldn’t find a better place for a start-up venture. So, it’s time to start pulling your resources together and making your dreams a reality this year.

How Man & Van Can Help Your New Business Venture –

A lot of start-up companies try to keep investments to a minimum during their first year of operating. That’s because the initial year of trading is a crucial one where survival is everything. That could be using alternative methods of transportation and delivery, which is where Camp Hopson’s Man & Van service comes in handy.

Camp Hopsonworks with many start-up companies in Newbury and Berkshire. Our Man & Vanservice is ideal for any business that sells products or must make the occasional delivery. Camp Hopson offers the lowest rates for man and van on the market, making it an affordable alternative to buying a work’s van.

It doesn’t make financial sense to have a dedicated vehicle for work unless you make multiple collections and deliveries daily. Camp Hopson’s Man & Van can be your logistics and delivery option until your needs require you to make a more permanent purchase. You’ll also get the use of two of our expert team members when you book with us.

To further streamline your business – our Man & Van service is ideal for people who have a storage unit.

Using Offsite Storage and Other Start-up Tips –

At Camp Hopson, we have hundreds of business customersuse us for their storage needs. Most like to keep their storage offsite to create more space for trading or manufacturing. However, there is a newer trend of people who are using storage units as alternative workspaces. And it’s easy to see what the advantages of this are for start-up enterprises.

For companies who need to retain stock of products, it’s possible to take one storage unit and divide it into sections. You could use half of your storage unit to store your products and work equipment. Then, you can use the remaining half as an office. All you need is a desk, a chair, a computer and some stationery. Add a Wi-Fi router and a filing cabinet, and you have yourself an affordable starter office.

One of the main plus-points for renting a storage unit is the excellent security it offers you. Your businesses products and equipment will be safe from damage or theft. Our removals and storage facility has top-notch security measures in place, and each unit is purpose-built to keep out the elements.

Camp Hopson – Newbury’s Favourite Business Removals Service –

Camp Hopson work with hundreds of new business owners every year. We understand small business and how crucial the first year is for any company. We strive to help people realise their business ambitions by providing a range of affordable removals and storage packages.

Customer serviceis vital to us, and we always get repeat customers. Additionally, we often get new business customers from referrals from happy clients. It’s one of the joys of our job when we hear that someone was that pleased with the work that they suggested us to other people.

From your first call to us, you’ll be able to tell that customer service is our number one priority. The Camp Hopson team are here to help you find the right business package for your needs. Even if you’re phoning to compare quotes, we’ll gladly take you through our ranges of services and the costs for each.

Contact ustoday to discuss possible services to suit your company’s requirements in Newbury or the surrounding areas.