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Storage and Distribution Services in Newbury and Berkshire

Posted on May 18, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Storage and Distribution Services in Newbury and Berkshire

It’s a strange time for businesses in the UK, and many will be looking at ways of reducing their overheads and possibly reshaping operations. If you’re in this position and you’re thinking of moving to a different office, it might be worth considering this option. Other business owners will be looking at things like logistics and distribution to see if there are ways to trim costs and improve efficiency.

At Camp Hopson, we work with hundreds of business customers, and we also assist with things like collections and deliveries. There are many benefits when using a professional removals provider to handle and deliver your goods.

Streamlining Your Business Distribution in Berkshire –

Now that we’re heading towards an easement of lockdown restrictions, many companies in Newbury and Berkshire will be eager to return to normal. The COVID-19 virus took everyone by surprise, resulting in uncertain times where everything changed overnight. People had to work from home wherever possible, and most companies went on hiatus. The lockdown saw many the UK’s various business sectors cease any trading.

However, now that things seem to be moving in a more positive direction, several companies in Berkshire are looking at ways to restart their businesses. Camp Hopson is currently undertaking and managing the storage and distribution for several local businesses. This covers everything, from order fulfilment, logistics, managing stock and accepting any inbound work packages.

Within a twenty-four-hour timeframe, we can assess how your business runs to see where our range of services will support each key aspect. Camp Hopson has a fleet of removal’s vehicles at our disposal, making it possible to take on collections and deliveries for companies of any size. And we work with experts with decades of experience in removals, storage, distribution, and other trades.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all distribution arrangement – we work around your requirements to deliver the right service. We have the expertise to provide a white-glove service and can take care of any assembly requirements your goods or equipment might have. We’ll assign a lead person to oversee your storage and distribution needs, so you’ll always be able to contact someone you know directly.

Using Man & Van Removals for Your Business –

To most people, a man with a van or any removals service’s aim is for household or office relocations. However, things don’t always have a static or finite purpose; there are transferable ways of taking something and applying it for another job. And for companies in Newbury or Berkshire, you can utilise our removal’s services for local collections and deliveries.

Camp Hopson’s Man & Van service can solve any issues with deliveries of goods to your customers straight away. Additionally, a man with a van service is ideal for collecting any large orders of supplies or materials. You won’t have to give us time to adjust – we can take over your logistics and distribution within twenty-four hours. We’ll discuss everything in detail to ensure our team understands the exact nature of your business and products.

This also means they can delegate any collection and delivery tasks to us without it taking a member of their staff to do this. And for newer companies, it might also save the expense of buying or leasing a vehicle. Every Man & Van job we undertake comes with the use of two of our team to do all the heavy-lifting work and packing duties.

All we need from your side is the details of the items and any specific instructions when collecting and delivering back to you. Our rates are the lowest on the market, and this is coupled with a high standard of customer service. Communication is a vital part of the hospitality process. That’s why we make it easy to keep in contact with our team whenever you need to.

How to Book an Emergency Business Relocation –

For many businesses in Berkshire, COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions caught everyone off-guard. As a result, hundreds of companies are struggling to keep on top of their outgoings, and commercial rent is expensive. For some businesses, the loss of income is too high, and they contact us to arrange a relocation. This usually means doing so quickly, with little time to organise a removals job in advance.

Fortunately, we have the capacity to undertake emergency office relocations and will do everything in our power to accommodate you. The Camp Hopson team will assess your requirements to see how urgent your situation is, which includes a free, no-obligation quote. Then we’ll discuss our range of removals options and any additional services. Should you need us to cover your storage and distribution needs, we can take over everything straight away.

It’s vital that you don’t delay when contacting us to discuss your situation, even if you’re still making your final decision. At least you’ll have a quote to base your figures off, should you choose to relocate your office or workspace. A lot of businesses in Berkshire are prioritising their staff and operational costs by moving out. And by using Camp Hopson, we can arrange a last-minute removal to get things as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Business Self Storage in Newbury –

Whether you’re looking to improve your distribution, or you need an emergency office relocation, storage is a vital service. A self storage unit can act as your stockroom, making it possible to send orders out to your customers. Furthermore, you can split the container into sections to perform different functions. It’s even possible to put a desk and computer in there and have some affordable office space to do your admin work.

The Camp Hopson team encourages feedback from our customers to ensure we’re providing a valuable service. One of the most common reasons that our business customers give us for using storage is the lack of available space. So, even if you don’t plan on moving to another rental property, we can help you improve your current office by creating more room. A basic storage unit of 100-sq-ft holds the volume of a two-bed apartment’s worth of contents.

If you’re thinking of working with Camp Hopson for the distribution side of your business, we will be able to undertake the order fulfilment, stock management and inbound collections. This will happen from your storage unit, where we can coordinate every delivery or collection. You’ll be able to streamline these processes without having to add extra work for yourself or staff.

Every Business Service from One Company in Berkshire –

At Camp Hopson, we believe that we provide essential services to businesses and households in Newbury and throughout Berkshire. And this goes beyond the usual removals and storage packages you’ll find. As part of our range of services, we also handle the storage and distribution logistics for several companies in the area. We attract a wide variety of different business sectors who trust us with their storage and logistics tasks.

Our success as Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage provider is down to our range of business services. It’s all about the ability to be flexible and adaptable, meaning any of our removals and storage packages can work for any given business. You won’t need to use other companies for removals, storage or distribution when you can let us oversee and manage them all.

It all starts with a thorough assessment where we can work out the nature of how your business operates. From there, we can suggest what we believe to be a suitable package, which will include a free quotation. And you’ll only ever pay for the services you need, with no hidden charges or fees. Everything is above board and transparent, and you’ll always receive a free, no-obligation quote before we book anything.

Attaining the Highest Standards by Prioritising Customer Service –

Camp Hopson is Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite business removals and storage provider. Our company has been relocating companies in Berkshire and the surrounding areas for over one hundred years. And in that time, we have gone from strength to strength by providing a high standard of removals service. We always try to offer helpful information and advice to our customers and followers.

At Camp Hopson, our number one goal is to provide our clients with the best service possible. And for us, that means having a range of removals and related services to cover every likely scenario. And should you need it, we can undertake the packing duties for you. Our team has years of removals and packing experience, and we know how to pack to avoid damage or breakages.

Camp Hopson – The Best for Business in Newbury and Berkshire –

If your business is looking for assistance with distribution or possibly an office relocation, contact us today. We’re the best business removals and storage company in Newbury and Berkshire. And we have a range of services to suit everyone’s requirements