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How Storage and Man & Van can Benefit Your Hotel or B&B in Berkshire

Posted on June 3, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
How Storage and Man & Van can Benefit Your Hotel or B&B in Berkshire

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, Newbury and Berkshire have some of the best B&Bs and hotels in Southern England. Hospitality is a popular industry in Berkshire, and it attracts tens of thousands of tourists and business visitors every year. For business owners, it can be a demanding sector to run a company in and there is no room for error with details like customer service. That means it can be a balancing act that often requires reliable associate companies to outsource tasks.

Camp Hopson works with several companies in the hospitality sector in Newbury and throughout Berkshire every week. Because of this, we understand how these companies do well and remain successful year after year. And sticking to deadlines is an essential component of their process. That’s why we also plan everything in detail for every job we do, and we build strong relationships with clients. We’re Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage provider, and we’re confident that we can add value to your B&B or hotel.

The Benefits of Self Storage for B&Bs in Berkshire –

The Camp Hopson team make an effort to speak to our customers, and we encourage feedback to ensure we’re providing a valuable service. One of the most common reasons that our business customers give us for using storage is the lack of available space. This might be down to the nature of the hospitality industry and the need to have things like surplus linen and food items.

Another issue is that once you have a space issue, it’s difficult to fix and you can’t just move to a new hotel and B&B. Hotels and B&Bs aim to provide an excellent service, with a focus on repeat customers from happy guests. The location of any hotel and B&B is essential to building this reputation and moving to a larger property can mean starting from square one.

And undertaking any renovation work can mean the closing of certain parts of the building and upsetting guests. That’s where storage becomes a vital component for our hotel and B&B clients. They can extend their storage space without having to undertake any drastic measures, and it’s cheaper than most people expect. A basic storage unit of 100-sq-ft holds the volume of a two-bed apartment, which can make a significant improvement.

Using a Man & Van Service for your Business –

In addition to renting a self storage unit, the second package many of our hospitality clients use is our Man & Van service. This can solve any issues with collections and deliveries of items they need to put in storage. Additionally, a man with a van service is ideal for collecting any large orders of supplies for the food preparation side of your business.

Similarly, it means they can delegate any collection and delivery tasks without it taking a member of their staff to do this task. And for newer B&Bs or hotels, it might also save the expense of buying or leasing a vehicle. Every Man & Van job we undertake comes with the use of two of our team to do all the heavy-lifting work and packing duties.

All we need from your side is the details of the items and any specific instructions when collecting and delivering back to you. Our rates are the lowest on the market, and this is coupled with a high standard of customer service. Communication is a vital part of the hospitality process. That’s why we make it easy to keep in contact with our team whenever you need to.

Camp Hopson – Specialists in Removals and Storage for Berkshire’s Hospitality Industry –

Camp Hopson has been working with businesses in Berkshire and the neighbouring counties for over one hundred and fifty years. In that time, we have established ourselves as Berkshire’s favourite provider for business and commercial removals and storage services. We have long-standing hospitality clients, and that’s down to our ability to work with each company’s deadlines.

Camp Hopson works from the perspective of the customer, which helps us understand that every business has completely different needs. This not only helps us deliver the best possible service but can improve our storage and man & van packages. We can use each job we do as experience for the next one.

Camp Hopson’s storage services are done with our business customer’s interests at heart. That’s why we’re flexible and do whatever we can to meet your requirements. Customer service is paramount to our team, and we always get repeat clients. And it’s also why we have a loyal group of customers who use us again if they need other services. Additionally, we often receive referrals from happy clients who recommend us to their colleagues, associates, family and friends.

If you’re B&B or hotel is considering using storage in Newbury or Berkshire, contact us today. We’re the best storage company in the area, with a range of services to suit everyone’s requirements.