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How Do You Tell Which Removals Companies Are Good?

Posted on November 7, 2016 by Peter Donaldson

You’re on the verge of planning your move and it hits you – how on earth are you meant to tell which moving companies are good and which ones are perhaps best avoided? It may be your first fully independent house-move, so you’ve got no frame of reference. Or you may have moved before, but now live in a completely different area and have no first-hand knowledge of the local removals companies. But somehow you’ve got to tell good from bad from indifferent. Every company is, of course, going to tell you that it’s the bee’s knees, so you’ll have to look for other signs to help you make up your mind. Here’s some guidance: 

Websites: Look beyond the hyperbole and the exaggerated promises, (in fact, be sceptical about those because if it’s not in writing in your contract with the removers, then it really doesn’t mean anything). Are there action shots of the company at work? Do their vehicles look branded and in good condition? If the photographs look like stock, royalty-free images from photo libraries, beware!

Governing bodies and memberships – Is your company part of the British Association of Removers (BAR) or a similar body? If so, it gives you, the client, certain protections and assurances. Other business memberships displayed on badges may be irrelevant, so if you’re not sure, look them up.

Location – Look up the address of your potential removals company, using Street View if necessary. By doing this, you can glean how serious and established the company is. If, for example, it turns out that their HQ is a residential home, rather than a proper commercial premises, you may want to consider giving them a wide berth.

Contracts and quotations – Does the company issue you with proper, printed quotations and contracts, outlining everything clearly? Or is it just a small slip of paper with a handwritten price on it? By now, you should be getting a good idea of how authentic and professional they are and be well on your way to making a decision.