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What to do if you regret moving home

Posted on June 13, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
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No matter how well-executed your moving plan, and the well-founded ideas you have had for the next phase in life, there are always snakes and ladders in the game of life.   Relocating is notorious for being unpredictable, and we don’t know how we will really feel once we are in the new home and out of the old one.   If your expectations don’t meet the reality you have entered, then you may find yourself in a state of regret about the move.  It is easy to find examples of this through friends’ networks and on the internet.  Sometimes the new place just doesn’t quite work, and this can be hugely disappointing.   Often people invest in the idea that a new home will restore their relationship or bring about a whole new wave of positivity and if these things do not come to fruition, there is not only the physical unpacking to deal with but the emotional unpacking as well. 

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