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Tips from Camp Hopson on Better Uses for Living Spaces

Posted on September 9, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Tips from Camp Hopson on Better Uses for Living Spaces

We all have those quiet moments where we have time to take stock and look around our home. Inevitably, we’ll come across some things here and there that annoys us. It might happen if you’re rummaging in your garage trying to find a replacement kettle plug, but it’s spilling over with boxes and containers. Before you know it, you have no idea what’s in the loft, and the spare room is unusable.

It’s fair to say we could all do with taking inventory of our house or flat with a view of some improvements. We might be guilty of packing too many things into the storage spaces and then cramming more in with various storage containers. The Camp Hopson team are here to help you get more out of your living spaces. We’ll use this blog to discuss practical tips to achieve this with minimal costs.

Improve Your Living Spaces to Upgrade Your Home –

There are always ways to improve your living spaces at home – so why not take a look around your house to see what needs updating. Maybe your living room walls could do with a lick of paint, or the carpets are faded or dirty from the family trampling in and out with their shoes on. Similarly, the settees might be covered in the dog’s hair or claw marks from the cat.

Whatever small things you can list will eventually add up, and it might be time to start planning some home improvements.  The good news is it’s all possible to do on a lean budget, so we’ll avoid suggesting anything that will agitate your bank balance. We hope that the main takeaway from this will give you some ideas to spruce your home up.

You might be less familiar with the term living spaces, but the concept is exactly what it sounds like. All too often, we forget that our homes aren’t storage containers where we try and fit more and more in. It’s time to get the most out of your home by performing simple tasks, such as reducing clutter and maximising storage areas.

Using Self Storage to Create More Space –

The best way to start home improvements is to clear as much space as possible. Go room to room and see how full they are. If you have a spare room that has storage boxes full of things you can’t quickly identify without going through them all, chances are they’re full of pointless items you can throw away or store somewhere to create more space.

If your garage is a similar story, then some tough decisions are needed. Start by selling the items you can make money from on an online platform like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. In a situation where there are things that you don’t want or no longer use, then give them away to a local charity or upcycling group. For anything in a poor state, it’s time to find your local tip or recycling point.

Another option is to ask your family and friends if they’d use it. If it’s old documents – shred them or file them away safely. Who knows – by the time you’ve finished, you might already have regained an entire room! More importantly, you can start to think of better ways to use the space again. You might even have a go at converting the room into something with more purpose, like a study or utility space.

Top Tips for Affordable Home Upgrades –

There are lots of ways to spruce up your home without spending a lot of money. A lick of paint for each room and a deep clean of every carpet will make your house look brand new. Cover over cracks and dents in the walls first, though – better to paint over smooth surfaces, especially if you decide to use wallpaper.

If you’re busy and would prefer the job done quickly and professionally, then have a look around for a decent painter and decorator. Don’t automatically go with the cheapest option – get referrals from family and friends instead of getting the job done properly. Similarly, check any potential decorators online to see if they have any customer ratings and testimonials.

Camp Hopson works with many traders from all industries, and we can make a professional referral. So, if you’re struggling to find a reliable plasterer, get in touch, and we’ll point you in the right direction. Additionally, we’ll always pass on any tips or useful information for our followers in articles like this. You can also send us an email, and we’ll gladly impart any relevant advice.

Declutter and Take Back Control –

When you start going through each room, there will be things don’t use much but don’t want to part with. However, they’re still taking up lots of room. The furniture you want to keep for your children when they move out, an antique table that’s been in the family for generations, a TV that is still in good condition, but you’ve upgraded.  When this happens, it’s time to contact Camp Hopson to discuss storage options.

More on that in the next section, but you’ll undoubtedly need to move things around or get rid of stuff to maximise your living spaces. To do this properly, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and commit to a thorough deep clean and decluttering exercise. Yes, we’re suggesting the unforgivable task of decluttering your home and a top-to-bottom clean.

Framing this positively, think about the potential of your home and then see this part as one of the steps to reach your goal. We won’t kid you – this won’t be fun or even remotely enjoyable unless you like cleaning. You can read some tips on how to approach it here but remember the reason behind this. Remove the clutter and give your home some room to breathe (figuratively speaking).

The Benefits of Using Self Storage –

It’s always a good idea to store certain things in places that won’t be at risk of theft or damage. The reality is that there are a lot of places in the home that aren’t equipped to prevent things like water damage. If you have sentimental or valuable possessions, it’s good to use our storage facilities and sturdy, weather, and theft-resistant storage units.

Keeping your possessions in storage can provide you with the peace of mind that they’re safe and secure. Even with the best home security systems, there’s no guarantee you’ll avoid a break-in. Additionally, all it takes is a loose roof tile, and dampness can creep into your fixings. By using storage, you won’t have to worry about either of these issues.

Camp Hopson has superb security measures in place, including full CCTV coverage of our branch. Our staff undergo vigilance training and understand the importance of vetting everyone. For us, nothing gets in or out of our storage depot without our knowledge and consent. You can rely on us to safeguard your valuables.

Why Customer Service is Key –

At Camp Hopson, we’ve assembled a highly trained team of experts who have years of experience with helping people store their possessions. We’re not only Berkshire’s favourite movers – we’ve helped hundreds of customers with their storage needs, and many people use us when they begin their home improvements.

The question many people ask when they search for removal or storage service is about two things. Firstly, where can they get a good deal that meets their budget. Then, their second consideration is around the type of service the removal company provides them with. Admittedly, it seems backwards to know where to find this when you have little to no experience.

Luckily, there’s a smart method you can apply with just a few online clicks. If you head to Google or Trustpilot to check their review feature, it’s possible to see a prospective company’s rating out of five. A tip is to only look at companies with a score of four and above. You can then cross-reference this against a quote (request at least three). Camp Hopson is a five-star moving company, meaning you’ll enjoy a successful relocation by booking with us.

Camp Hopson – Here to Help You Make Some Smart Home Improvements –

The Camp Hopson ethos is to work closely with our customers to ensure they can help them get the service they need. We guarantee that your possessions will be safe and secure when you store them with us. On top of that, we have a range of removal packages to suit any relocation. You can utilise this for collections and deliveries, should you need a larger vehicle to move things to our storage depot.

No matter what you decide on when planning home improvements, it’s worth getting some quotes from us. That way, you can factor this into your overall costings. Moreover, we’ll provide you with additional tips and insider knowledge to help you achieve the type of living spaces you’ll enjoy spending time in.

It’s time to give your house or apartment the magic touch. Click here to request a free quotation as you plan and prepare to improve your living spaces.