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Tips for Building an Extension in Berkshire & Using a Man & Van Service

Posted on November 5, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
Tips for Building an Extension in Berkshire & Using a Man & Van Service

As we go through life, we accumulate more possessions than we have room to store them, let alone use on a regular basis. And this usually ends up with us turning our garage into a large storage space, the loft is full of old containers and boxes, and you can’t move in your spare room for clothes and clutter. That’s why so many homeowners are looking for different ways to create more living spaces in their home.

With each new year, our situations change, which has an immediate effect on what type of property we rent or buy. For example, if someone starts a family, this will almost certainly mean moving from a one-bed flat to a house. Although it seems plausible that we need to move to suit these changes, there are other possibilities for people to modify their current property.

Essential Tips When Building an Extension –

Budget correctly – One of the crucial parts of planning your extension is to set and stick to a budget. Your first figure will change, and compromise will determine your final amount, so prepare to make allowances. There are some other decisions to take first before you finalise everything, but it is wise to send your budget to a quantity surveyor to confirm your figures.

Focus on the property value – Your reason for building an extension will likely be known well in advance. However, it’s not a good idea to drive onwards without checking if the project will lower the value of your property. Consider discussing your plans with an estate agent to see what effect your development will have on the valuation.

Planning permission – You need to have planning permission before you do anything. Contact your local authority to see what the process is. If you live in a listed building, you’ll need a rigorous plan, but be prepared for restrictions. By working with an architectural designer, you’re more likely to have ideas that will pass planning permission.

Who is building the extension? – Which brings us to our final point – hiring the right team. If you want to do things correctly, it’s our suggestion to hire a reputable builder. Don’t cut corners on your budget for your team and don’t penny-pinch for the materials and equipment they need. A quality builder will suggest various inspections to check the foundations and pipes. They’ll also be able to advise on insulation, as well as any issues with roofing, damp or rot.

Newbury’s Favourite Man & Van and Self Storage Service –

At Camp Hopson, we work with several professional builders who regularly sign up to build domestic extensions. And the two most popular packages they use are our Man & Van and Self Storage services. By using storage, many freelance builders have affordable work and storage space. Similarly, using a man with a van service is ideal for unloading onsite and packing up again.

It also means that you won’t have the expense of buying or leasing a vehicle. Every man & van job we undertake comes with the use of two of our team to do all the heavy-lifting work and packing duties. This can be invaluable for anyone who is doing the project themselves and is short on people to share the workload.

Camp Hopson’s rates are the lowest on the market, and this is coupled with a high standard of customer service. Communication is a vital part of any construction project. That’s why we make it easy to keep in contact with our team whenever you need to.

Camp Hopson – Berkshire’s Number One for DIY and Home Construction Jobs –

The Camp Hopson team has previous and current clients who have room conversions and extensions in their home. Our Man & Van service is popular for professional developers and homeowners for this purpose. They use our team for additional labour and their van to transport materials.

We offer comprehensive storage packages so that you can store your belongings during the building process. This will ensure that your possessions don’t suffer any damage. Furthermore, they won’t get in the way of your builders. You can also store any equipment and materials overnight to avoid exposure to the elements.

Camp Hopson’s ethos is to work closely with our customers to offer them the services they need. Our team will guide you through the planning stages of your property development and will suggest what services line up with your requirements. From experience, we know you’ll need all the assistance you can get.

If you’re planning on building an extension on your home, contact us today. We’re available to discuss your upcoming extension development in Newbury or the surrounding areas.