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Tips for Working from Home – Create a Home Office

Posted on July 21, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Tips for Working from Home – Create a Home Office

As we move further into the next phase of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems like working from home is more than just a temporary measure from lockdown. Individuals and businesses are rethinking how it can be beneficial for them to continue some form of remote working. It raises important questions about how companies operate with the additional potential to make huge improvements.

Camp Hopson was active throughout the lockdown, and we’re supportive of new ideas on how to change the way companies approach things. That’s why we’re discussing how to convert a room in your house into a home office or study.

2020 – The Year of the Home Office –

It’s well documented that many companies shut their offices, stores and workplaces during lockdown to help reduce virus spreading. It was a sensible approach, and businesses in the UK truly stepped up to the challenge, even though most would struggle financially. And now that we’re in a stage of the Covid-19 response with fewer restrictions, it’s possible to regroup and return to normal slowly.

However, we might not be so quick to return to old ideas, as some unlikely new perspectives came to the surface as a consequence of the lockdown. There was a reduction in traffic and lower air pollution, which was a massive boost for the environment. With the ongoing issues with climate change, it’s possible to see how this would inspire a positive response and questions on how to continue aspects of it.

Furthermore, there’s an ongoing need for companies to lower their outgoings to ensure they survive. Many businesses are considering extending remote working where possible. This means that it’s not just a temporary fix but possibly a new phase in modern business. Can we solve several other problems by doing this?

In this article, we’ll go into more detail about how you can set up your own home office by converting or building a room. It’s always a good idea to weigh up options before you start any major renovations to help retain your property’s value. And the Camp Hopson team are on-hand to assist you in creating your own home office set up.

Tips on Converting a Room in Your House –

The first thing you’ll need to do is work out whether you’re using an existing room or building a new one. Let’s go with the first scenario that you have a specific place you intend to convert. It would be best if you cleared everything out of the room before you begin your project. Just to note – if you do decide to build an extension, you must consult your local authority for planning permission.

The room you’ll be converting should be spotlessly clean, to avoid any dirt obscuring possible defects. So, begin by doing a deep clean of your chosen room. You need to complete an inspection to check for any damp or similar issues with the walls, ceiling and floor. Depending on which room you’re converting, you will have to seal and possibly add insulation for a loft or garage.

Most modern houses have plenty of electrical points as standard due to the typical consumption rates. However, older properties may not have the same provision, and you should avoid using a lot of extension plugs. While you’re installing more electrical points, you can get an internet provider to install ADSL or fibre optic for your internet needs.

And once you have all your electrical and internet preparation done, all you need is a desk, a comfortable office chair, a printer, a filing cabinet, and a bookcase or two. And you have your very own home office so you can work remotely.

Things to Remember Before Any Remodelling –

Before any work starts, it’s essential you don’t make any developments that lower the value of your home. While it seems like a no-brainer to have a home office, losing a bedroom to accommodate it might have unforeseen consequences. That’s why you need to plan things out thoroughly and consult some experts.

An estate agent will be able to assist with valuation queries, so contact one to discuss what your plans are. You’ll also need to check on any regulatory guidelines if any significant changes to the property will happen. To check this, contact West Berkshire Council to see if any planning permission is necessary before you start any work.

The main thing to remember is – don’t assume anything because it might leave you with issues and setbacks. If you plan and prepare as much as possible, it will help make your room conversion a success. Additionally, it could save you a lot of headaches and delays if you cover your bases now.

The Benefits of Using Storage in Berkshire –

In addition to using our removals service when creating your home office, we usually advise renting a storage unit. Storage can benefit every stage of your room conversion project. You can clear all your possessions out of the room before you begin cleaning. And for each stage of development, you can move items in and out when needed.

Storage is the only way to be sure that the building materials, tools and equipment are entirely safe from theft or damage. Our storage units have environmental controls to ensure no moisture or condensation occurs. The Camp Hopson team will also assist with creating an inventory of every item so that you can keep track of everything.

The best part about renting a storage unit from Camp Hopson is the range of options available. We have four storage options, which include domestic container storage, business self storage, document archive storage and space to store large items. There’s no minimum storage rental period – you can keep your unit to suit your requirements.

A Range of Removals Services Available –

Camp Hopson offers a range of removals that caters to as many different situations as possible. It’s all part of delivering the highest standard of service delivery. We have a fleet of removals vehicles of all sizes, which means we have the right one for your room conversion project. The more options we can offer our customers, the easier it is to match their requirements.

Our Man & Van service is usually the most cost-effective and efficient package available. These vans can handle congestion by taking smaller roads to beat the traffic. And it’s much easier to change the original route to avoid unexpected delays. Additionally, the vehicles are less likely to cause an obstruction, keeping your neighbours happy while we pack and load everything.

We also have a range of medium or larger vehicles at our disposal. Rather than making multiple trips, we can get all your belongings into one of our Home Removals vans for a single journey. Matching your needs with the right removals package includes the correct van size. That’s because it increases our efficiency and may also save you money.

The Camp Hopson team works on the understanding that preparation and planning will achieve the desired results. We don’t take chances and hope that things will fall into place. We assess everything in thorough detail to make sure we fully understand the task at hand.

Using Online Reviews to Find the Right Removals Company –

It’s crucial that you use a reliable removals company before committing to a booking. You’ll have to do additional planning and research, but it’s worth the extra effort to find one with a strong reputation for customer service. Your belongings and property will be safe from damage and breakages if you choose a company like Camp Hopson.

Companies gain and increase their reputation with positive testimonials and customer feedback. That’s where Google Live and other rating services like Trustpilot play an essential role. You can see what rating out of five a company receives, plus feedback from previous customers. It’s also a good idea to phone and email companies to gauge how quickly and thoroughly they respond.

That’s why booking with Camp Hopson is a step in the right direction because we’re a five-star removals company. We apply our Quality Policy to every service we offer, which gives our customers another level of customer service. It all adds up to an unbeatable level of service for your upcoming home office room conversion.

Camp Hopson – Newbury and Berkshire’s Number One Removals Provider –

Camp Hopson is Newbury’s and Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage company. We work with thousands of people and business owners every year, offering a range of services to suit every requirement. Our Man & Van and Storage services are a popular choice for professional and domestic property development projects.

Storage is the most secure way to safeguard your building materials, tools and equipment after you sign-off for the day. In fact, many of our customers keep their storage units after they complete their project because of the additional level of security it offers. You don’t have to sign any long-term contracts, and you can upgrade to a larger unit if your needs change.

Converting a room or building an extension can add thousands of pounds to the value of your home. Although this might not be your motivation for undertaking this project, it’s worth keeping that in mind. The essential aspect here is that a room conversion can create a better living space for you to enjoy and be productive in.

If you would like more information about our range of services, please contact us today. We’ll help you create the ideal home office space.