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Tips for Life in Newbury for New Residents – Moving to Newbury Berkshire

Posted on June 23, 2024 by Peter Donaldson
Tips for Life in Newbury for New Residents – Moving to Newbury Berkshire

Moving to a new area can sometimes take time and effort. We often need to realise that we do a lot of errands on autopilot because of local knowledge. We instinctively know where the local GP surgery is. It’s easy to find a butcher or supermarket, and we know our favourite takeaways and pubs without looking at a map. That’s why it pays to plan as much as possible before you move to a new town or city.

The Camp Hopson team moves thousands of people here every year. We’re proud to call Newbury our home, and we cover the whole of Berkshire. We always pass on helpful information to our customers and followers. Here are our top tips for anyone planning on moving to Newbury.


  1. Top Tips for People Relocating to Newbury
  2. The Best Housing Options in Newbury
  3. The Public Transport Systems and Commuting
  4. Setting Up Utilities and Essential Services
  5. Choosing the Right Moving Company in Berkshire

Top Tips for People Relocating to Newbury

First, you’ll need to go online to learn more about Newbury. Make a list of everything you want to know about your new location to make it easier when you arrive. You can also read our previous blog, which highlights useful information for new residents in Newbury, here.

Newbury is a fantastic place to live, although you’d expect us to say that because we live here. Bias aside, we’ve written about why people flock to the area from places like London, a bustling market town with a solid link to innovative businesses. Let’s give you some handy starting points for integrating into life in our beautiful town.

Council tax and services

Registering for council tax and other services in West Berkshire Council is an excellent place to start. You must notify your current council of your departure date to avoid late payment fee demands.

You’ll find the waste collection and recycling information and plenty of family-related details there. Using the council website to integrate into Newbury with updates for local events, including business services.

Healthcare needs

If you or your family have healthcare needs, you should familiarise yourself with the closest hospitals and GP surgeries. Your local surgery is based on your catchment area – consult the NHS website for accurate information.

Several public and private hospitals are in Newbury; you can find more about them and their related services here. Physiotherapists and similar specialists are available in the area, so research them before moving.

Schools and education 

If you have children, you should also look for schools and start contacting them. The last port of call is to contact the Newbury Council to see how you can register with their local authority database. You’ll find a comprehensive school guide on their website, and you can also cross-reference any prospective institutions with Ofsted reports.

Similarly, Newbury has excellent nurseries and childcare providers. We have education for young and older adults, in addition to extracurricular activities and after-school programs. Read more tips about keeping your little ones busy during relocation and more information about moving with kids.

Leisure activities

Now for something a bit more fun. You’ll see Newbury’s favourite bars and restaurants if you check out websites like TripAdvisor. We have some of the best fine dining and gastro cuisine in Berkshire. You can also see if any upcoming events take your fancy in Newbury and the surrounding areas.

Visiting Newbury

And now you know where you can eat out and enjoy a drink – why not visit Newbury? It’s an excellent excuse to have a trip to Berkshire, and we have some comfortable B&Bs in our town. It helps to see the place you’re moving to at least twice for overnight stays.

Camp Hopson always recommends an overnight stay in Newbury and Berkshire for first-hand experience. You can do this while scouting potential properties and arranging school places.

The Best Housing Options in Newbury

Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty—where will you live when you move to Newbury? This section will discuss the details, including the various housing options and anything related.

Best neighbourhoods in Newbury

While this is subjective, you’ll find plenty of praise for these areas of Newbury:

We suggest contacting local estate agents for more in-depth information about the most popular neighbourhoods.

Average rental and purchase prices

The average property price in Newbury is £386,373, which considers all housing types. Here’s a more accurate breakdown – please remember this data is only accurate at the time of publication:

  • Detailed – £618,757.
  • Semi-detached – £435,030.
  • Terraced – £342,690.
  • Flats – £227,029.

The traditional route uses estate agents for purchasing and renting—they usually deal with both in separate departments. However, there are alternatives, which we’ll cover in more detail later in this article.

New housing developments in/near Newbury

Due to Newbury’s increasing popularity, it’s no surprise that new developments are being made. Recently, West Berkshire Council announced its role in creating 119 affordable properties in the area. You can find out more about new developments here. Remember to investigate homeownership opportunities with government-backed housing schemes.

Alternative housing routes

Finally, we’re closing this section with a nod to those who think outside the box. Unfortunately, the housing market isn’t keeping pace with supply and demand, which is where fixer-up properties come into play.

If you’re prepared to work hard, renovating buildings could be your best option for getting onto the property ladder. You’ll find them at in-person and online property auctions and on websites like Trovit.

The Public Transport Systems and Commuting

While Newbury is beautiful, you’ll no doubt need to travel to different areas. Many people we work with cite public transportation as a primary concern, especially trains for Londoners who travel for work. Fortunately, Newbury has a decent public transport system of buses and trains.


If you are a commuter, you have two train stations—Newbury and Newbury Racecourse. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get to London Paddington, a reasonable journey time. However, please note that all trains require a change at Reading. A monthly season ticket will cost roughly £1,144, which is only accurate at the publication date.


If you’re looking for affordable travel, the bus is a great way to explore Newbury and Berkshire. Reading Buses and Newbury & District are the local operators, with over 30 active routes between the two companies. Most buses are modern and have Wi-Fi access.

Special needs and older residents

Newbury has access to the Handybus via the Volunteer Centre West Berkshire, which helps OAPs and people with special needs get around the town. The Newbury Volunteer Driver and Car schemes offer more transport options.

Car owners

Drivers should factor some aspects into their decisions. Newbury and other parts of Berkshire are subject to ULEZ. This innovative yet controversial scheme aims to combat high pollution levels but isn’t without criticism.

Town centre car parking locations include Newbury Central, Kennet Centre Multi-Story, Newbury Library, and West Street car parks. If you want to rent an electric vehicle, check out Berkshire Van Hire, West Berkshire Car Club, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Setting Up Utilities and Essential Services

People often ask us how to find reliable tradespeople, which makes sense. We highlight the best way to find reputable traders in Newbury and Berkshire.

Trusted trader schemes

You can find highly rated tradespeople by checking Trust A Trader and Which? Trusted Traders. You’ll find every trade, from electricians to plumbers and everything in between. Furthermore, we can provide professional referrals.

Speak to the current owner(s)

One savvy tip is to ask the seller or landlord for a list of their service providers. This makes it easier for you to set everything up, which you can change later. The priority is getting everything online and working immediately.

Choosing the Right Moving Company in Berkshire

You must book your relocation with a reliable company like Camp Hopson. By doing so, you’ll be moving with Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite removal company. We are always just a phone call away and can assist with planning your relocation. Our staff is friendly and happy to answer any questions about Newbury.

Avoiding price comparison websites is wise, no matter what services you need to book for your relocation. Although you will get low prices, there is no guarantee of what services you’ll receive. Some companies offer discounts, but you’ll discover that your bill is much higher due to hidden and add-on fees. Ensure you get a no-obligation free quote from every company you use.

Camp Hopson will provide you with the right service at affordable rates. We keep our prices below industry standard, while our customer service is always leagues beyond our competitors. Should there be any unexpected gaps in moving dates, that would be no problem. We have storage options to help tide you over while keeping your belongings safe and secure.

We suggest using a moving checklist with a blank calendar to keep everything on track. You can read ours here to learn more about creating and using one. Additionally, check our previous blogs, FAQs, and terms and conditions here for more information.

Camp Hopson – Newbury’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company

Camp Hopson is Newbury and Berkshire’s number one for removals and storage. We work hard to ensure our customers receive the correct service for their requirements. That’s why people around Berkshire and the surrounding areas use our company. Our reputation throughout Berkshire is that we’re masters of our industry.

Customer service is our top priority, and we are always available to discuss any aspect of your move. The Camp Hopson team are here to help; we’re only a phone call or email away. Even if you’re phoning to compare quotes, we’ll gladly take you through our range of services and the costs for each.

At Camp Hopson, we help Newbury’s new residents relocate without stress. Contact us today for Newbury’s favourite removals and storage company if you need this service.