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Tips for Packing Before Your Big Move in Berkshire

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
Tips for Packing Before Your Big Move in Berkshire

Moving home can be an emotional and exciting time – with new beginnings and possibly some goodbyes.It’s rare that we live in the same house all our lives these days, with most people moving several times. Our reasons for relocating will vary, depending on work, new additions to family, retirement, upgrading to downsizing. No matter what your reasons are, you’ll need to book with the right removals company

At Camp Hopson, we always hammer home the need to start planning and organising your upcoming move now. There is no such thing as starting too early or doing too much research. The more time you give yourself, the smoother your relocation will be. And your first task is to contact Camp Hopson to book your relocation.

Moving Checklist for Relocations in Berkshire –

Even though much of the packing is done closer to time, you can start making it easier by getting rid of clutter. The first task you can do now is to thoroughly clean your house and reduce the number of things you’re taking to your new home. This will make packing up simpler and can also reduce the costs of your relocation.

Work out the date of relocation and work backwards to the present day. Then, you can split tasks into months then weeks leading up to move. Ideally, you should aim to do at least two or three tasks every week. By doing this, you will get a surprising amount of the work done now. This will reduce any anxiety you may have over your relocation.

Remember to get the whole family in on the act, even if they’re reluctant. Moving home is not an easy undertaking, but if everyone helps it will be less stressful. By booking with Camp Hopson, you’ll also have our team to assist with planning before you move. We can also create an inventory of your possessions.

Why It’s Crucial to Start Planning Early –

If you start planning and completing tasks now, you can avoid any small issues before they become problems. The Camp Hopson team is here to advise the most suitable day of the week for your relocation. We usually recommend choosing a Tuesday or Wednesday, because Fridays are our busiest day for relocations.

Final mortgage payments can also cause issues if they are left until Friday, due to the earlier closure of branches. Many people don’t realise that it’s not just the bank that physically closes; payment schedules also end earlier on a Friday. This can lead to payment delays, and the seller may not hand over the keys until the following week.

Unfortunately, there are always obstacles that can occur during the relocation process. And if there is a delay in you moving into your new home, Camp Hopson offers suitable storage options. Moreover, we’re here to assist you at every stage of your move.

Camp Hopson – We’re Here to Assist Your Upcoming Move in Newbury and Berkshire –

Camp Hopson is Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage company. Our company has been moving people in Berkshire and surrounding areas for over one hundred years. And in that time, we have gone from strength to strength by providing a high standard of removals service. We always try to offer helpful information and advice to our customers and followers.

At Camp Hopson, it’s our number one goal to provide our customers with the best service possible. That starts with your initial phone call or email, all the way through to arriving at your new home or office. We give people the type of service we would want to receive, in addition to ensuring we understand everyone’s specific requirements.

Camp Hopson operates in Newbury and Berkshire, but we also provide removals to all the surrounding areas. We are confident that we have the right removals service for your needs, so you can get ready to say your farewells and prepare for the next chapter.

If you’re planning your relocation in Newbury or Berkshire, contact us today. We’re the best removals and storage company in the area, with a range of services to suit everyone’s requirements.