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Top Tips for Moving to Europe From Berkshire

Posted on November 19, 2017 by Peter Donaldson
Top Tips for Moving to Europe From Berkshire

Newbury is a great place to live which is why it’s a favourite destination for relocation. Sometimes life takes us down a different route, and you may be thinking of moving to Europe. If you’re in this situation now, then it’s a good idea to start doing some research now. That way, you can embrace your new move positively and prepare as early as possible

At Camp Hopson, we’re always on the look for new advice and tips we can share with our customers and followers. That’s why we’ve put together some of the advice and information on moving to Europe.

Top Tips for Moving to Europe –

Before you pack your bags or book your flights, you need to make sure you make any mistakes that will cause issues. Make a list of your utility bills and contact each provider when you leave. You’ll also need to contact your local authority to see what you need to disclose to make sure you don’t get charged things like council tax after you’ve left. There might also be tax related things to consider, so contact the HMRC as well.

You’ll need a thorough clear out and only pack up and take what you need. It’s better to travel as lightly as possible, and this is also a perfect opportunity to purge those unused possessions. You’ll have a brand-new home to decorate and buy new things for, so you’ll need as much room as possible.

Do as much research as possible. You’ll need to have an intimate understanding of your new town or city. Contact the local authorities to see what you need to do before you arrive. It’s an excellent idea to start learning the language in advance; it will help you adapt. Although the internet has made doing research a lot easier and thorough, it can never give you the lived experience you’ll need before making this life-changing decision.

Some Favourite Relocation Spots –

The Netherlands – the Dutch are well-known for their tolerance of people from all walks of life. Holland has low levels of unemployment, they have excellent public services, and they take care of their older citizens. Their education system is the envy of other European countries and English is spoken from an early age. It’s easy to integrate into the Dutch way of life because they encourage people who relocate there in a positive way. That’s why it’s our top pick. 

Germany – as efficient as you’d expect, the German job market is the strongest in Europe. Their proactive approach to youth employment drives this. They balance their workforce to ensure that manual professions are on an equal balance to desk jobs. Germans are keen to promote a healthy equity of work and life. They value their downtime and ensure that it’s given as much importance as their work lives.

The Republic of Ireland – you might not be aware of this, but Ireland is home to many the world’s top corporations. Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter, to namedrop a few. This tech boom has given a welcome boost to their economy and is making Ireland an attractive place to relocate to. A healthy economy improves public services, and Dublin is becoming a significant player amongst Europe’s influencers.

Switzerland – a major player in the world’s financial market, Switzerland has used this to host one of the highest standards of living in Europe. It’s neutral political stance and economic prowess give it a level of international trust that most countries could only dream of. With relocations from all over Europe and the US, with many wealthy persons having second residences here, it’s one of the most sought-after places to move to.

Camp Hopson – We’ll Help You Every Step of the Way –

At Camp Hopson, we set the bar high when it comes to removals. Not only are we Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage company, but we’re also renowned for our ability to relocate people to anywhere in the UK and Europe. We have regular departures to all of Europe’s most popular destinations, and we can undertake full and part consignments. That means we can offer you the same level of service we would for moves in Berkshire throughout Europe.

The Camp Hopson team have all the necessary tools and equipment to undertake any removals or storage job. When it comes to European moves, the requirements are different. Every piece of furniture needs to have individual wrapping to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition. For larger objects, it may require several layers of specialist packing materials. We don’t leave anything to chance, and we never cut corners.

We plan each part of your move in detail to try to reduce the stress of moving to Europe. It’s all about providing the best service possible for our customers. That means we turn up on time and we give 100% to every job we do.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming relocation to Europe.