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Tips for Converting a Room or Building an Extension in Newbury

Posted on February 19, 2024 by Peter Donaldson
Tips for Converting a Room or Building an Extension in Newbury

If you ask any homeowner to name one thing they need more of, many will say extra space. We end up with more possessions than we have room to store them. This means the cars get left out in the cold, and the garage becomes an ample storage space. The loft is full of old containers and boxes, and the spare room teems with rarely worn clothes and other clutter.

As we go through life, our needs and situations change, which dictates what property we own. If our circumstances change, like having a child, we may consider packing up and moving to a larger house. However, there are other options for homeowners in Newbury to save on relocating. This blog will discuss converting an existing room or building an extension and how Camp Hopson’s services can lower costs.


  • Things to be Aware of Before You Start Work
  • Tips for Converting a Room in Your Home in Newbury
  • Planning, Budgeting and Hiring the Right Team
  • Top Industry Tips for Smooth Execution
  • Using Removal and Storage to Balance Costs

Things to be Aware of Before You Start Work

One of the crucial parts of planning your extension is to set and stick to a budget. Many architects give a general figure to remain at £1 000 – £2 000 per square metre. Your initial budget will change, and compromise will determine your final figure, so prepare to make allowances. Before you can sign off on it, there are other decisions to make, but it is wise to send your budget to a quantity surveyor to confirm your figures.

Your reason for converting a room or building an extension will likely be known well in advance. However, you might be foolhardy if you plough ahead without checking if the project will lower the value of your property. Consider discussing your plans with an estate agent to see what effect your development will have on the value of your property.

It will be best if you have planning permission before you do anything. Contact your local authority to see what the process is. If you live in a listed building, you’ll need a rigorous plan, and you’ll face a lot of restrictions. Working with an architectural designer makes you more likely to have plans that pass your planning application.

Tips for Converting a Room in Your Home in Newbury

Remember – the build will be disruptive. Set hours you can work without being intrusive and respect your neighbours. Go around to speak to them in advance to get their feedback and to see what hours they would be happy with. Maybe go one step further and have them around for a few drinks and a barbeque? Anything you can do to make life easier is a good idea.

Project manage everything to strict deadlines and share them with your designer and builder. They will tell you if you’re realistic, and you can adjust the timeline with them. Allow for an additional week of bad weather or unforeseen issues.

If you lack insulation, now is the time to fix it – you will save loads of money in lost heating and will safeguard your house from dampness. Again, don’t skimp on materials or do anything that will cost you more in the future. Get any issues sorted out now to ensure you have a robust budget.

While the build is in progress, you can either start planning the interior with another designer or do this yourself. Although using a professional interior designer is still advisable, you can save money by doing this yourself. However, if you have the budget for it, it’s always better to do everything that will achieve the best results.

Planning, Budgeting and Hiring the Right Team

Setting a realistic budget is crucial for your project. Make sure to include all costs upfront to avoid surprises later on. Cutting costs early is tempting, but knowing the maximum financial outlook is better first. Consider enlisting a quantity surveyor to assess expenses thoroughly. If they find significant issues, addressing them before proceeding is essential. Remember, you can’t seek compensation without inspection reports, especially if you’ve recently purchased the property.

Obtaining planning permission is vital, especially for listed buildings. Don’t assume anything – contact West Berkshire Council as soon as possible to ensure compliance. Working with an architectural designer can help ensure your plans meet regulatory requirements, minimising potential setbacks.

When hiring a team, prioritise quality over cost-cutting. A reputable designer and builder are essential for a successful project. Quality builders will conduct various inspections to address structural issues and ensure compliance. Likewise, a designer will refine your plans to meet inspection standards.

Additionally, have your home valued by an estate agent before and after the conversion. This ensures you understand the potential impact on property value. Sometimes, adding a room may not increase the valuation as expected, so it’s essential to assess the potential outcomes carefully.

Top Industry Tips for Smooth Execution

Beginning any construction project, like a room conversion, can be daunting, even relatively minor. You’ll find some logical starting points in this section to avoid the overload.

Disruption Management

– Whether you hire a lead builder or not, you’re still the driving force behind the oversight and project

– Start by creating a timeline of the build and agree the timings with your team, double-checking you’re setting realistic deadlines

Material Preparation

– You’ll need to ensure materials and tools are in stock, so it’s wise to consider hiring a self storage unit from Camp Hopson – you can purchase in advance to avoid stock depletion later

Project Phases

– There will be phrases for the project – planning, preparation for construction, conversion/main build, interior design, and site clearance

– Camp Hopson can assist with moving items and storage – more on that in the next section

Insulation Consideration

– Remember to factor insulation when you undertake this room conversion or addition (if you plan on creating an entirely new room)

– You can avoid heat loss and make your home greener by having adequate insulation from the start

Comparatively, taking proactive steps like disruption management, material preparation, consideration of project phases, and insulation can significantly impact the success and efficiency of your project. Camp Hopson’s storage solutions can also streamline the process, keeping your materials organised and accessible throughout the build.

Using Removal and Storage to Balance Costs

Costs can quickly add up when undertaking a project with reputable designers and builders. That’s why it’s crucial to explore areas for potential cost savings. Removal and storage services come into play here, offering a practical solution to manage expenses. Camp Hopson provides a range of services related to storage, transportation, and property development assistance.

Our team is your dedicated collections and delivery companion, ensuring seamless transportation of building materials and equipment to and from the site. This service not only safeguards your items from theft or damage but also offers flexibility, allowing you to initiate or end storage as needed. We specialise in working with Newbury homeowners undergoing renovations or extensions, offering tailored solutions to suit your project’s requirements.

Additionally, our services extend to professional interior designers and property flippers who leverage our expertise to reduce costs effectively. With Camp Hopson, you benefit from expert handling and packing skills at competitive prices, helping you balance your project’s budget without compromising quality or convenience.

Camp Hopson – We’re Here to Assist Your Home Improvements in Newbury

Camp Hopson has several customers who have room conversions and extensions in their homes. Our Man & Van service is popular for property developers and homeowners, who use our team for additional labour and their van to transport materials and tools

We offer comprehensive storage packages so that you can store your belongings during the building process. This will ensure that your possessions do not suffer any damage. Furthermore, your builders won’t have to work around them. You can also store any equipment and materials overnight to avoid exposure to the elements.

Camp Hopson’s ethos is to work closely with our customers to offer them the needed services. Our team will guide you through your property development’s planning stages and suggest what services align with your requirements. From experience, we know you’ll need all the assistance you can get. We work with hundreds of business and domestic customers annually and are ready and waiting to partner up with you.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming conversion or extension development in Newbury or the surrounding areas.