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Tips for Converting a Room or Building an Extension in Newbury

Posted on February 25, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
Tips for Converting a Room or Building an Extension in Newbury

If you ask any homeowner to name one thing that they need more of, many will say extra space. We end up with more possessions than we have room to store them. Which means the cars get left out in the cold, and the garage turns into a large storage space. The loft is full to the brim with old containers and boxes, and the spare room is teeming with rarely worn clothes and other clutter.

As we go through life, our needs and situations change which in turn dictates what type of property we own.  If our circumstances change, like having a child, we may consider packing up and moving to a larger house. However, there are other options for homeowners in Newbury to save relocating.

Things to be Aware of Before You Start Work –

One of the crucial parts of planning your extension is to set and stick to a budget. A general figure that a lot of architects give is to remain at £1, 000 – £2, 000 per square metre. Your initial budget will change, and compromise will determine your final figure, so prepare to make allowances. There are some other decisions to make first before you can sign of on it, but it is wise to send your budget to a quantity surveyor to confirm your figures.

Your reason for converting a room or building an extension will likely be known well in advance. However, you might be foolhardy if you plough ahead without checking if the project will lower the value of your property. Consider discussing your plans with an estate agent to see what effect your development will have on the value of your property.

You need to have planning permission before you do anything. Contact your local authority to see what the process is. If you live in a listed building, you’ll need a rigorous plan, and you’ll face a lot of restrictions. If you work with an architectural designer, you’re more likely to have plans that will pass planning permission.

Which brings us to our final point – hiring the right team. If you want to do things correctly, it’s our suggestion to hire a designer and a reputable builder. Don’t cut corners on your budget for your team and don’t penny-pinch for the materials and equipment they need.

A quality builder will suggest various inspections to check the foundations and pipes. They’ll also be able to advise on insulation, an issue with roofing, damp and rot. A designer will help you refine your plans and ensure they pass inspection.

Tips for Converting a Room in Your Home in Newbury –

Remember – the build will be disruptive. Set hours you can work without being intrusive and respect your neighbours. Go around to speak to them in advance to get their feedback and to see what hours they would be happy with. Maybe go one step further and have them around for a few drinks and a barbeque? Anything you can do to make life easier is a good idea.

Project manage everything to strict deadlines and share them with your designer and builder. They will tell you if you’re realistic and you can adjust the timeline with them. Allow for an additional week of bad weather or unforeseen issues.

If you lack insulation, now is the time to fix it – you will save loads of money in lost heating and will safeguard your house from damp. Again, don’t skimp on materials or do anything that will cost you more in the future. Get any issues sorted out now to ensure you have a robust budget.

While the build is in progress, you can either start planning in the interior with another designer or do this yourself. Although it’s still advisable to use a professional interior designer, you can save money by doing this yourself. However, if you have the budget for it, it’s always better to do everything that will achieve the best results.

Camp Hopson – We’re Here to Assist Your Home Improvements in Newbury –

Camp Hopson has several customers who have room conversions and extensions in their home. Our Man & Van service is popular for property developers and homeowners for this purpose. They use our team for additional labour and their man to transport materials.

We offer comprehensive storage packages so that you can store your belongings during the building process. This will ensure that your possessions do suffer any damage. Furthermore, they won’t get in the way of your builders. You can also store any equipment and materials overnight to avoid exposure to the elements.

Camp Hopson’s ethos is to work with closely with our customers to offer them the services they need. Our team will guide you through the planning stages of your property development and will suggest what services line up with your requirements. From experience, we know you’ll need all the assistance you can get. We work with hundreds of business and domestic customers every year, and we are ready and waiting to partner up with you.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming conversion or extension development in Newbury or the surrounding areas.