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Finding the Perfect Property in Newbury & Surrounding Areas

Posted on September 3, 2017 by Peter Donaldson
Finding the Perfect Property in Newbury & Surrounding Areas

It’s time for a change. You’ve made your mind up, and the decision has been made that your next house or apartment will be in a different town or city. One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is, what is the perfect property for your next relocation? There are many different types of property to choose from, and the choice is made up of various factors. It helps a lot to have a solid idea of what you want and need from your new home before you start viewing.

Newbury and the surrounding areas are an excellent place to live, and it’s important to find the right type of property for your big move. At Camp Hopson, we understand how difficult it can be to relocate. We form close relationships with our customers, and we always use their feedback when we create our removals and storage packages. With a combination of their experiences of relocating and our own, we’ve compiled some tips on how to find the perfect property for your next move.


Create a Wish List – 

Mapping out your property search is important. The more planning you put in before you start, the more time you’ll save. It will also help you filter your search so you can not only find the right area to move to.  You’ll also increase your chances of finding the perfect house, apartment or cottage.

Your wish list needs to be a combination of passion and pragmatism. It’s true that things like budget are important, but this is your home, and you need to follow your heart as much as your head on this. If you want four bedrooms, then try and aim for that amount, regardless of your budget. You will inevitably have to make some tough decisions, but that can be done once you’ve done a lot of research and you’ve visited the areas you like the most.


Ask the Right Questions When Viewing – 

If you’re at the stage where you’re viewing properties, it’s time to be more pragmatic. It’s easy to get swept away when you see houses, especially if you’ve already fallen in love with the area.

Remember to ask the seller or the estate agent about inspections and any major works on the property. Read up on the different types of inspections now, so you’re familiar with them. If the inspection is a general one then lots of issues won’t be covered. It’s also important to try and find out why the seller is moving. If they have terrible neighbours, then it’s vital you know now. Find out what similar properties sell for in the area to check if they’re over or under pricing it. Don’t limit your questions – this is a significant investment, and you’re entitled to ask about the property.


Camp Hopson – We’re Here to Help You Relocate – 

At Camp Hopson, we’ve moved lots of people into Newbury, often from larger cities like London. We have a close relationship with our customers, and we often ask what their reasons for relocating are. A better quality of life is important, and Newbury and the surrounding areas offer lots of green spaces and beautiful homes.

The Camp Hopson team have all the necessary tools and equipment to undertake any removals or storage job. It’s essential to book your relocation with a reputable company, and we’re confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our work.

Camp Hopson’s ethos is to work with closely with our customers to ensure they get the service they require. Even if you’re at the beginning stage of planning, we’re more than happy to offer advice on Newbury and relocating.

Contact us today to discuss anything related to our range of services or Newbury and the surrounding areas.