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How to Become a First-Time Buyer in Newbury

Posted on February 10, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
How to Become a First-Time Buyer in Newbury

Owning our own house or apartment is something everyone aspires to. The thought of being able to walk in after a hard day at work and know that it’s your home is a fantastic feeling. You can decorate it however you want to, and if you’re a dab-hand at DIY, you can add new rooms or convert existing ones. The possibilities are never-ending in your castle.

However, the reality for a lot of people is that they’re stuck in a cycle of renting from other people. Everyone needs somewhere to live, and the first stage is always a rental property. Then starts the cycle of paying monthly rent and utilities, balancing a social life, and other expenses. For a lot of younger people, saving for a deposit can be tricky.

Tips for First-Time Buyers in Newbury –

Start managing your money and record everything you spend. This is one of the best money saving tips seems like obvious, but it’s something that a lot of people breeze over. That’s probably because it feels like (and sometimes is) a total pain. The best way to approach it to treat your personal account as a business. Get receipts for everything, put them somewhere at home, and enter all the information into a spreadsheet. You’ll quickly see where you might be overspending and can make some savings.

Put any leftover money into a savings account, preferably an ISA investment so you can’t withdraw it. This can work in conjunction with your new spending spreadsheet. Go to your bank and ask what sort of accounts they offer and try and get one that’s quite low to use. Sometimes banks can provide additional assistance if you mention you want to save up for a mortgage deposit. They may even give you an account with no monthly charge.

Now that you’ll be on your way to saving for a deposit, your next line of research is first-time buyers’ schemes. It has taken a while for the government to get on board, but they now offer various ways for first-timers to get their first home. You’ll need to work out what sort of scheme fits your situation. Some examples are Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, First Steps London and Start Home Scheme but there are many more.

Our last tip or suggestion is for the more adventurous first-time buyers. Property development offers the chance to buy a house or apartment that needs renovation. The levels of repairs vary, and you’ll need to get in-depth inspections to see what state the property is in. It’s usually very hands-on and requires lots of grit and determination. However, it can not only be rewarding; you may find you have a knack for it and start doing it for a living.


Things to Remember When Doing Research for Properties –

Do specific research on the area you want to buy in. If you’re thinking about a first home, you probably have a good idea where you want to live. Some people like to move close by to family or friends for their first home because of the support network. This is an excellent idea because you’ll have an expansive knowledge of the area and its amenities.

Create what we like to call a ‘wish list. Split it into two sections or make separates lists. The first part is personal things that you want in your home. The second is the budget part, where you cost everything to see if it fits your budget. That part is essential because you need to have a general idea of what your budget is. You should speak to a mortgage broker for an informal meeting about what you can afford and what sort of deposit to aim for.

Make sure you contact an estate agent to help you search for your home. Not only do they have filtered searches for homes that might suit you, but they also have a lot of knowledge and experience. You can share your wish list and budget with them and leave them to compile suitable places to view.

Don’t miss out on an ideal home because of moving dates. Negotiating your first house or apartment can be tricky, and there are times where the dates of moving in and out cause issues. If you believe that you’ve found the ideal property at an equally suitable price, don’t back out because of moving dates. You can rent out a self storage unit from Camp Hopson until it’s time for the big move.

Camp Hopson –  Here to Move You into Your First Home in Newbury –

The Camp Hopson team help thousands of people move into their new homes every year. Many of them are first-time buyers who have taken the big step of moving onto the property ladder. Our prices are affordable which helps keep costs low, which is vital a new homeowner.

Camp Hopson offers the best customer service in Newbury and the surrounding areas, which is why we’re Berkshire’s favourite removals company. We know from experience that relocating can be a stressful time, and that’s not just the moving day. The planning, getting quotes, checking up online, speaking to estate agents. It can all get a bit overwhelming for first-time buyers.

From your first call to us, you’ll be able to tell that customer service is our number one priority. The Camp Hopson team are here to help, no matter where you are with your move. Even if you’re just checking out possible places and you stumble across Berkshire, give us a call. We may be able to answer some questions and give you some tips on life in Berkshire.

Camp Hopson has storage packages that are ideal for new homeowners if there are gaps in moving in dates. We believe that removals and storage should be for everyone, which is why our prices are affordable.

If you’re a first-time buyer and you have any questions, give us a call, and we’ll happily discuss our range of services.