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Packing Tips – How to Avoid Damage During Moving Home

Posted on November 20, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
Packing Tips – How to Avoid Damage During Moving Home

When you start the process of moving to a new house, planning is the key to a successful and less stressful relocation. And that’s why every aspect of your removal should come from a robust organisation that has plenty of preparation time. If you take the planning stage of your move seriously and put effort into it, everything is likely to fall into place.

During our many years of moving people in Berkshire, we often get questions about what we consider that most important part of a relocation to be. While it’s true that every stage is vital, we believe that the packing of your possessions is crucial. The aim is to have no damages or breakages during transit, which is easier said than done, and most people anticipate some form of damage to occur. At Camp Hopson, we see things differently, and it’s a good idea to let our experts pack for you.

How to Avoid Damages & Other Tips When Moving –

There are a few things to consider before you start packing, so try to avoid jumping straight into the deep end. The first thing is to reduce the number of items you’re relocating with. You’ll most likely have clutter and things you no longer use, ready to be put into boxes. We can’t illustrate how pointless this is – declutter, give away or sell instead. You’re less likely to overpack boxes by doing this, and you can even save money on your removals booking.

You must base your timeline on a moving checklist and start to pack things gradually. Unless you’re leaving the packing to the experts, but we’ll return to this point. The more time you give yourself when packing, the less likely you are to panic and rush things. And please remember to be mindful of the objects that you put in the same box or container. A glass vase should never be boxed with someone heavy.

The boxes or containers you use might make all the difference. Especially if you try and use old boxes from the corner shop or supermarket. They are often left in damp conditions and are ready to break at the slightest knock. Don’t risk your possessions for the sake of saving money – purchase some decent boxes or sturdy plastic containers.

Finding a Reliable Removals Company in Berkshire –

The benefits of booking with a reliable removal company with an excellent reputation speaks for itself. However, how would someone know if a company is trustworthy if you’ve never used them? Many years ago, all we had to go off was word of mouth recommendations. Otherwise, it was a game of chance whether the company was legitimate. Things are very different now, and it’s possible to find out a lot of information on prospective companies online.

Rating platforms like Trustpilot and Google Live offer a chance to see how previous customers felt about a company’s performance. If you see a company that has a four or five-star rating average plus lots of reviews, it’s a safer bet they’ll be the real deal. However, if they have below four stars, it’s likely the reason is poor customer service. It’s worth reading the reviews as well to gain additional insight into their service delivery.

Ultimately, it also comes down to gut instinct that happens after you contact them to discuss your relocation. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable with their manner, it’s essential that you trust your instinct before booking. At Camp Hopson, our staff are very open and friendly, and we aim to help make moving to a new house stress-free. A member of our team will always be available to speak with you directly throughout your relocation.

Camp Hopson – Handling your Possessions Professionally –

Camp Hopson is Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite removals and storage provider. Our company has been moving people in Berkshire and the surrounding areas for over one hundred years. And in that time, we have gone from strength to strength by providing a high standard of removals service. We always try to offer helpful information and advice to our customers and followers.

At Camp Hopson, our number one goal to provide our customers with the best service possible. And for us, that means having a range of removals and related services to cover every possible scenario. And should you need it, we can undertake the packing duties for you. Our team has years of removals and packing experience, and we know how to pack everything to avoid damage or breakages during transit.

If you’re planning your relocation in Newbury or Berkshire, contact us today. We’re the best removals and storage company in the area, with a range of services to suit everyone’s requirements.