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How to Keep Children Occupied While Moving House in Newbury

Posted on May 21, 2024 by Peter Donaldson
How to Keep Children Occupied While Moving House in Newbury

While every relocation comes with challenges, moving with young children can be particularly demanding. Juggling your work, home life, and the relocation process is no easy feat, especially when you have little ones who require constant attention. Every move has ups and downs, hurdles, and delays, regardless of circumstances.

Everyone at Camp Hopson understands the challenges families face when relocating. This blog will cover some practical steps to help reduce the complexity and stresses involved. Booking us will also alleviate the pressure of relocating and provide a sense of relief, allowing you to concentrate on spending quality time with your family.


  1. What Makes Newbury a Family-Friendly Place?
  2. Top Tips for Moving with Younger Children
  3. Ease Teenagers into the Relocation
  4. Helping Your Family Cope with Moving
  5. Tips for Moving with Babies and Toddlers
  6. Finding Schools in Newbury and Berkshire
  7. Prepare for the Moving and Settling in Stages
  8. Reduce Stress with a Reliable Removal Company

What Makes Newbury a Family-Friendly Place?

If you’re moving to Newbury or another part of Berkshire, the good news is that it’s the perfect place to raise a family. To help you, we’ve compiled things people usually associate with a family-friendly area.

Good employment prospects

Newbury is something of a commercial titan, which might surprise you, given it’s a market town. In our previous blog, you can read a more in-depth analysis of what makes this town unique from a business perspective and why so many young professionals flock here.

Excellent educational institutions

One positive point to highlight is the high quality of education in Berkshire. There are a multitude of options for learners of all ages, including:

You can also read our previous blog, which delves into the details of schools and childcare in Newbury.

Council resources

When moving, your first port of call should be the West Berkshire Council, where you can register for council tax. Additionally, they have plenty of family services, such as schools and similar resources.


While Newbury has a slightly higher-than-average crime rate, the West Berkshire Council and Thames Valley Police have introduced new initiatives to tackle any issues. The aim is to align safety levels with Newbury’s overall positive upward trend as an up-and-coming area.

Top Tips for Moving with Younger Children

Relocating with a young family is challenging in general. Wherever possible, we try to reduce the complications of moving with kids, and we’ll provide an overview of age-appropriate tips in separate sections in this article. This section covers young children ages five to twelve.

Tell them early and answer questions

Don’t delay this – once your decision is made, get the family together to update them on your upcoming move. Be honest about the reasons for the move, whether it’s work or other reasons. You’ll repeat this for younger children because the reality won’t sink in. Always be honest about what this entails, including how it affects them.

Get the kids involved

Regardless of their ages, get the little people involved with things like packing. Keep it age-appropriate, but you can let them take safer items from their room. Also, get them to learn more about your new home and list things they might do there.

Give them roles

Assign them a role for the relocation to help them feel important—you can get creative with this and make badges. Ask them to choose rooms (when visiting, remember to get images). They can decide on colour schemes and other decorative points, such as where their furniture and toys will go.

Organise farewells with family and friends

Depending on your situation, you might have to say some painful goodbyes before setting off. Consider the option of a farewell party or event to ensure your children have adequate opportunity for this.

Also, remember to collect contact details to stay in touch with family and friends—you can get your kids to do this. This will ease the challenging transition between locations, and you can also arrange for frequent visits and invite people to visit you.

Ease Teenagers into the Relocation

There are some age-related differences between infants, children, and teenagers, so we’re providing some appropriate suggestions for young adults.

Ask if they want more complex relocation tasks

They’re young adults, so it’s vital to remember that and treat your teens differently. You’re still the adult, but you’ll save some arguments if you avoid talking down to them. Find ways to include them in decision-making and ask if they’d like to take on some of your tasks.

Find activities that align with their tastes and ambitions

List your teen’s hobbies and some of their favourite things – do this mentally if you’d prefer to avoid writing it down. You could diffuse an adolescent revolt if you point out things they can connect with in Newbury and Berkshire. Be mindful that your rebellious skater kid might warm to the idea of moving when you show them pictures of Newbury Skate Park.

Extend this to the moving day and ask what they need for the journey to your new home. Ask some questions about their plans for school and afterwards to see if you can sow some ambition seeds, which brings us to education.

Research colleges and universities

This leads to the previous point about linking potential future goals with your relocation. Higher education is only some people’s path. However, many younger people still consider sixth form, college and/or university the natural progression after high school.

There are several quality high-education institutions in Berkshire – it’s worth seeing if you can match their interests with specific courses. We suggest doing this gradually to test the waters rather than forcing the idea on your teens.

Discuss the décor of their new room

One surefire way to get a fussy teen on board is giving them more control of their new room. While you can set a few ground rules, it’s worth letting them decorate their room. You might find it tough-going if your teenager is entirely against relocation. Use room decoration as a distraction that helps involve them in the move.

Encourage visits between old and new town/city

Although smaller children form quick bonds, they tend to settle into new locations quicker than teens. Older kids will be leaving deep friendships and connections to family members. Don’t discourage this – embrace it and think of ways to retain these connections after you leave.

Regular visits to the old town or city and WhatsApp video calls will make it easier to settle in. There’s no reason why this must end—many people enjoy visiting family and friends for vacations. To keep your teens interested, you can ask them to find the best transport options to do this.

Tips for Moving with Babies and Toddlers

While organising a move with children and teens can be tricky enough, it’s a different story with small babies and toddlers. We’ve dedicated an entire section with a suggested step-process for this scenario.

Create a moving timeline

Plan your move well in advance, breaking tasks into manageable steps to avoid last-minute stress. Check out this moving checklist, which includes adding or removing relevant aspects. Use a blank calendar to calculate the time between now and your moving day while allocating tasks to specific dates.

Arrange childcare for moving day

Secure a trusted babysitter or family member to look after your baby or toddler on your moving day. This helps keep the little one out of the way during loading and the initial unpacking. You can then concentrate without dropping everything from mommy or daddy duties.

Pack an essentials bag

Start by listing everything you use daily and in case of a sick baby. Include diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, favourite toys, snacks, and any medications on hand during the move. Also, include a change of clothes for you.

Maintain their routine

Stick to your baby’s or toddler’s usual schedule as much as possible, including nap times and mealtimes, to provide a sense of normalcy.

Baby-proof the new home

Before moving in, ensure the new home is safe for your little one by securing furniture, covering electrical outlets, and removing any hazardous items. Many baby-proof items, such as plug blockers and cupboard locks, are available these days.

Set up the nursery first

Prioritise setting up your baby’s room upon arrival to provide a familiar and comforting environment. Lastly, ensure the cot and nursery furniture go into the moving van—we’ll help you do this. The idea is that the last items in are the first out.

Use professional movers

If possible, hire professional movers to handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on your child’s needs – more on this later in the blog.

Prepare for travel

If travelling a long distance, plan regular breaks for feeding, changing, and playtime to keep your baby or toddler comfortable. Plan your route before setting off, ideally a few times during the final week, with a refresher the night before. Save the coordinates of your chosen route using Google Maps or a similar Satnav device.

Stay positive and introduce the home gradually

Babies and toddlers can pick up on your emotions, so try to stay calm and positive throughout the process to help them feel secure. Once moved in, explore the new home with your baby or toddler, letting them become familiar with their new surroundings.

Finding Schools in Newbury and Berkshire

We mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth noting this again. The West Berkshire Council has many family resources and information, including preschool and school lists.

Once you compile a few potential schools, check their Ofsted scores and Google ratings. The next step is arranging meetings with admissions of prospective schools, preferably when you’re in the area or via a video call.

It’s worth remembering that placing children at your first-choice schools is becoming increasingly difficult, and there are usually waiting list periods, so start early and go through the application process soon.

Prepare for the Moving and Settling in Stages

Let’s overview your moving day and unpacking in your new home.

Moving Day Checklist:

  1. Keep kids and teens occupied with activities and devices on the day of the big move.
  2. Ensure all devices are charged or have batteries before setting off.
  3. Pack a moving day bag with snacks and a first-aid kit.
  4. Plan the route in advance to avoid getting lost.
  5. Involve kids in preparing for the journey.

Settling Home Checklist:

  1. Arrange for a removal company packing service to assist with unpacking.
  2. Order takeaway for the first night to save on cooking.
  3. Unpack and arrange over the first week.
  4. Meet neighbours and get to know the area.

Helping Your Family Cope with Moving

Moving to a new home can be challenging, especially for children who might feel anxious or uncertain about the change. To help them cope, it’s crucial to involve them in the packing process, visit your new location together, and commit to maintaining their current friendships. These steps will make them feel more included and less anxious about the change.

Visit your new town or city at least twice or thrice. Get them to help you document any essential information and encourage them to record video footage and photos. It will also help if you include plenty of fun activities. Find out if their interests or hobbies are available in the area or nearby. You will get first-hand experience of where you’re moving, and the kids might also be able to make new friends before you arrive.

And before you pack up – try to accommodate as much time as possible with your current friends. Then, set up some way for them all to keep in contact. This will help bridge the transition until they meet new friends. If you’re struggling for time, you can consider having a leaving party to get everyone together for a proper send-off.

Reduce Stress with a Reliable Removal Company

At Camp Hopson, we understand that every removal job is unique. From our experience, we know that it’s counterproductive to treat similar types of relocations as the same. This understanding is especially poignant when organising a move with infants, toddlers, or young children. We recognise that every parent with children needs all the help they can get. That’s why we work closely with our customers to tailor our services and make their lives easier.

For us, it’s all about planning, creating deadlines, and meeting them. We often repeat ourselves when we give this advice, but we try to get all our clients to take it seriously. If you put in enough work at the preparation stage, your relocation will be more straightforward. You can also significantly reduce stress by breaking things up into smaller tasks.

Camp Hopson has every service you need under one roof. For people with many other responsibilities, our dedicated packing service could make a world of difference. Our team will arrive the day before the move to prepare everything for loading meticulously. On the moving day, they will arrange all your items carefully to minimise the likelihood of breakages or damage when in transit.

Please remember to tell your insurance provider that you’re moving to see what your current coverage is. You might need to amend your premiums; a reputable removal company can assist you. Your insurance broker generally stipulates that the moving company undertaking your relocation is British Association of Removers (BAR) accredited or has a robust quality policy.

Camp Hopson – Berkshire’s Family-Friendly Removals Company

Camp Hopson is Newbury and Berkshire’s favourite removal company. We guarantee the protection of your possessions during every stage of your relocation. We can take on any removal job, and our friendly team will help you reduce the stress of moving with your young family.

No matter where you’re moving, it’s all about planning and ensuring you complete your deadlines well before relocation. And every Camp Hopson customer has us in their corner to provide valuable tips and relevant information.

Our ethos is to provide the highest standard of removals and storage service for every job we sign up for. For us, it’s all about paying attention to every detail and a commitment to being thorough. Preparation is everything when organising a relocation around a busy, young family.

Contact us today if you’re planning a move and have young children. We’re Berkshire’s number-one removal company for families who need to spend more time with their little ones when moving.