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Storage In Newbury, Berkshire

Self storage & Container storage

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Storage In Newbury

Our Berkshire storage facility means that for us and for you, storage is no problem, no matter the reason for which you require it. It could be that you won’t be moving into your new house right away. Perhaps you’re renting while you’re in between houses and need somewhere to keep your furniture. Don’t worry. Our facilities mean that storage in Berkshire is easy. Our purpose-built warehouses can take care of everything, whether you’re storing the contents of a large house or just a handful of precious items.

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Maybe you’re downsizing and have discovered halfway through the process that you’ve got an excess of belongings but insufficient time for deciding what to keep and what to discard. A great temporary or long-term solution can be found by placing your goods in storage. Newbury is where our facilities are located and they’re everything you could hope for – clean, well-organised, safe and secure. Even if you’re not moving house, you may find storage helpful. We all accumulate possessions as our lives proceed. Sometimes it all gets too much and we find that we haven’t even room to swing a cat. By placing goods into storage, you can free up space and restore your home to its former state. All of a sudden, your spare bedroom or study become habitable again. Everything you hand to us will be containerised and identified and you’ll be supplied with a clear and accurate inventory. All your belongings will be stored carefully and securely for as long as you need. Then, when you are ready, everything will be delivered to your new home. For first-rate storage Berkshire, you need look no further than Camp Hopson.

We do four types of storage here at Camp Hopson Removals:

  1. Domestic storage
  2. Commercial archive storage
  3. Metal containers for trade self-storage
  4. Facility to store loose large items.

So whatever your requirement, please contact Camp Hopson removals, who will be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Container size and capacity?

5ft x 7ft x 7ft and holds 250 cubic feet

Can I access my storage when I want to?

Generally we require a minimum of 48 hour’s notice in order to prepare your container for access.
However, during peak periods, it can be up to 5 working days before we can arrange access.