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Starting a Business in Newbury, Berkshire: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted on May 13, 2023 by Peter Donaldson
Starting a Business in Newbury, Berkshire: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re familiar with Newbury, you’ll likely conjure a picturesque countryside setting and all the trappings of a Southern English market town. You will find a higher quality of life that’s hard to beat. But it’s not just about the lifestyle – there’s something astonishing about Berkshire’s hidden gem. And that’s its track record as a bustling business hub. What makes Newbury such an attractive destination for new businesses?

Newbury provides a fertile ground for growth and success, from access to council and networking services to saving costs on distribution and storage. This charming town has a thriving local economy, diverse business opportunities, and excellent transport links. In this blog, we’ll explore why larger corporations, tech start-ups and SMEs are making this their base of operations. And how business owners can save money by partnering with a local removal company.


  • Newbury’s Thriving Business Sector: Industry Giants and Diverse Opportunities
  • Utilising Council and Networking Services in Newbury for Business Growth
  • Save Costs with Removal Company Distribution and Offsite Storage in Newbury
  • Self Storage as a Workspace for SMEs and Start-Ups in Newbury
  • Camp Hopson – Newbury and Berkshire’s Business-Friendly Removal Partner

 Newbury’s Thriving Business Sector: Industry Giants and Diverse Opportunities

Why is Newbury a great location for new businesses looking to establish themselves in the UK?

Newbury’s diverse economy and range of incentives make it an attractive location for new businesses. With industry giants such as Vodafone, Micro Focus, and Bayer calling it home, the town has a strong foundation for a thriving business sector. It’s the ideal environment for enterprises of every size, but having giant corporations is an economic advantage.

From technology and pharmaceuticals to manufacturing and retail, the town offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Additionally, some intelligent incentives like tax breaks, grants, and loans help reduce initial costs and get the ball rolling. And you won’t be left in the dark to find this information yourself – we’ve got you covered.

The town’s transport capabilities may surprise business owners. You’ll have easy access to London and every main stop in Berkshire. This makes it an ideal location for businesses that need robust distribution routes. With the start-up benefits and ability to reach everywhere in the UK, you’ll find the foundations of a solid business in Newbury.

Utilising Council and Networking Services in Newbury for Business Growth

What resources are available for new businesses in Newbury?

This is where the concept for a new business might stall slightly. Unless you have experience and a healthy bank balance, things start to fade into the obscurity of lost ideas. However, this is far from the case – here’s a list of valuable places where you can find business resources and potential avenues for financing:

  • The West Berkshire Council does more than the typical municipal duties. They have a range of resources for new businesses, including learning skills, general support, funding, and advice on regulatory requirements.
  • The Newbury Business Improvement District (BID) is a non-profit organisation that supports local businesses. They organise marketing events, networking opportunities and business-related information on their website.
  • The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce also has a local branch in Newbury that focuses on helping businesses grow and succeed.
  • Berkshire Growth Hub encompasses the county’s larger business circle and provides a network of mutually beneficial initiatives.

Save Costs with Removal Company Distribution and Offsite Storage in Newbury

How can a removal company help businesses save money on distribution and storage costs?

It applies only to some sectors, but many companies need local distribution. The level of this will depend on whether you’ll be transporting goods or materials regularly. And this adds to your operating costs, so it’s worth understanding what role this plays in the daily running of your business.

Don’t let this put you off – there’s an affordable option that can reduce your monthly expenses. Instead of using a courier or tasking a team member with the collections and deliveries, try and find a local moving company. This won’t be within the remit of your average mover. But a removal provider with a track record for business dealing can handle the logistics of transporting goods.

Next in the process is cost-effective storage. Many newer enterprises find their ability to store could be improved. And every square metre comes at a premium in the commercial rental space. That’s where self storage comes into play. You can store your business items offsite at a fraction of the cost of a larger rental property.

But this all sounds a bit complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Camp Hopson offers additional services besides our current removal and storage packages. This means you can tailor them to fit your needs, which is local distribution. And via our network of elite partners, we can extend this nationally.

Self Storage as a Workspace for SMEs and Start-Ups in Newbury

What are the benefits of using self storage as a flexible and cost-effective workspace?

It might sound like a stretch of the imagination when we suggest using a storage unit as a dedicated workplace. But we’re here to tell you that it’s 100% possible to run a company using self storage. And we’re not solely talking about e-commerce or businesses that produce and sell products. Storage is more than adequate for a no-frills office scenario.

Storage units can be a great alternative to traditional office spaces. That’s why SMEs and start-ups take advantage of the massive savings versus monthly commercial rental prices. They get everything necessary for daily business operations, such as electricity, internet access, and parking provisions.

If you work with Camp Hopson, you can discuss your requirements with us, and we’ll see what level of customisation we can offer. And we’re here with you for the whole journey. Furthermore, if your initial unit is too small, we can upgrade you to a larger one. Conversely, profits might slow down a bit – we can do the opposite and move you to a more modest storage room.

Most importantly – using storage as your HQ comes with flexibility. The standard arrangement for business premises is a lease spanning twelve months. Not only that, but some owners are also now seeking twenty-hour months! You won’t have to worry about this when you partner with Camp Hopson. We don’t insist on long contracts and are happy to provide a rental period that fits your business’s needs.

Camp Hopson – Newbury and Berkshire’s Business-Friendly Removal Partner

What makes Camp Hopson a business-friendly removal company in Newbury and Berkshire?

Newbury is a fantastic location for businesses looking to establish themselves in Berkshire and beyond. It has the ultimate level of work-life balance available. Likewise, hundreds of young professionals are moving away from larger cities and towns to relocate here. New businesses can access a wealth of support and advice that other areas can’t provide.

We often refer to Newbury as Berkshire’s business treasure chest because it’s a relatively best-kept secret yet to be discovered. Moreover, by taking advantage of cost-saving solutions like removal company distribution, and offsite storage, new businesses can keep their costs down and focus on growth and success. And flexible workspaces provided by Camp Hopson will help you achieve the best start for your new venture.

Click here, and we’ll discuss your current business plans. We’re confident that you’ll feel right at home in Newbury, and we’re here to help you keep your costs low.