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The Right Vehicle for Local Removals in Berkshire

Posted on May 9, 2018 by Peter Donaldson
Abingdon's Favourite Moving Company

If you’re moving to Newbury or in Berkshire, it’s essential that you book with a company that can correctly assess your requirements. Some companies like to use their larger vehicles because they assume you have a lot of possessions. Other do so to maximise the profit they can make, or they only have large vehicles available. Therefore, it’s wise to shop around to make sure you only use a reputable company like Camp Hopson.

At Camp Hopson, we treat every single job on its own merits. That means using the right vehicle and team members for each move we undertake. From your first call or email, we will try and get a decent idea of your removals needs. Then we’ll go into much more detail so that we can match your needs with the correct service and vehicle size.

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