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Moving House in January/February

Posted on January 5, 2017 by Peter Donaldson
Moving House in January/February

Moving house during January and February, the final throes of winter, may not at first glance seem like the best option, but – approached the right way – there is no reason why it should be any harder than moving at any other time of year. Depending on where you are in the country, the icy temperatures, adverse weather conditions and reduced daylight can all pose complications, but none of them are insurmountable. And then there are the actual advantages, foremost among them the fact that removals companies are less booked up so you’re more likely to be able to get hold of the one you want at the time you want it. We don’t always have the luxury of choosing the precise time of year at which to move. Compelling circumstances often force our hands or conspire to make a winter move unavoidable. Here’s some guidance to get you through:

  1. Via your estate agent, it may well be possible to have the heating left on low in your new home before your arrival, so that the space feels completely habitable from the first moment onwards.
  1. A 24-hour box. It’s good to have an essentials box that can be easily identified and opened straight away, no matter what time of year you move. When it’s winter, it becomes even more important. Flasks, milk, tinned goods such as soup, a kettle, tea bags, a pot or pan, towels, toiletries and a change of clothes are just some of the things you can include.
  1. Daylight. Since there’s less of this precious stuff during winter, it makes sense to use it sensibly. You may only have eight or so hours of daylight, so organise your move to begin as soon as the sun’s creeping up, with the aim of being completely installed and able to relax the moment that twilight descends and curls its grey tendrils around the day.
  1. Advice. Your removals company will have the benefit of wisdom and know-how accumulated through years of removals. Don’t stand on ceremony – ask them exactly what the advantages and drawbacks are of moving in winter. Take full advantage of their wisdom.